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Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence

Discover how you can create real-time SaaS metrics dashboards to drive key metrics such as ARR, NDR, Churn, and Cash.

Customer Trend SaaS Intelligence CMRR Trend £5,248 102.58% 38 £1,939 Annualized CMRR CMRR CMRR per Customer Customer Churn CAC Payback in Months New Customers Avg New CMRR / Customer Revenue Churn Customer Renewal Revenue Renewal £225K £2,708K £29,833 £83,386 2.27% 2.66% 97.73% 8

SaaS Business Intelligence – prove your success to investors with real-time metrics that guide business decisions.

300+ subscription, usage, and project billing scenarios, with revenue recognition
200+ investor metrics created up to 80% faster
Get up and running in as little as 60 days
40% less cost than buying the tech stack parts separately
CMRR Waterfall (Trailing 12 Months) Total Contract Value (Trailing 12 Months) 0 £1,400,000 £2,800,000 £4,200,000 £5,600,000 £7,000,000 Total CMRR (Trailing 12 Months) 0 £800,000 £1,600,000 £2,400,000 £3,200,000 £4,000,000 0 Beginning CMRR £2,039,269 New CMRR (All) £677,001 Expansion CMRR £746,596 Contraction CMRR £(176,922) Chur CMRR (All) £(30,364) Other CMRR £0 Total £3,255,580 £800,000 £1,600,000 £2,400,000 £3,200,000 £4,000,000

Measure the metrics that matter to investors

Sage Intacct helps you measure and monitor the key SaaS metrics that matter to you and your investors, whatever stage you're at:

  • Early stage – prove your revenue model with metrics such as CLTV, cash-flow and CAC.
  • Growth stage – show your recurring revenue model is working with net change in CMRR, upsells, renewals, revenue churn, customer churn, NDR, and more.
  • Late stage – demonstrate you have a predictable and repeatable business with metrics such as gross margin, profitability and international currencies.

Give finance teams a single source of truth for SaaS metrics

Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence automatically identifies different SaaS metrics scenarios.

  • Receive an accurate representation of client subscription activity, and the impact on ARR or CMRR.
  • Distinguish between different factors driving changes in CMRR using the application's intelligent engine.
  • Eliminate the need for manual intervention or additional analysis of transactions.
  • Streamline your finance team's processes with a single source of the truth.
Total Revenue £651,632 Cost of Revenue £3,521 Total Revenue £31,375 Operating Expense £150,502 Operating Margin % 76% Mrkt & Ad Expense £93,257 Net Income £490,480 EBITDA £497,356 Payroll & Related Expense £49,472 Revenue by Service Line YTD Marketing Admin Sales Finance HR Operating Margin % Trend - Monthly 12/30/2021 Role-Based Clear

Resources for SaaS Intelligence

Explore the latest research, guides and webinars on accounting and finance.

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SaaS Intelligence FAQs

Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence enables SaaS and subscription-based business leaders to gain new insight into the most important, yet often most difficult to measure, SaaS and subscription metrics.

  • The intelligence engine categories subscription activity into 20+ categories of recurring revenue (New, Add-on, Uplift, Downgrade, Markdown, Churn, etc.), 30+ KPIs, and 25+ out-of-the-box graphs and reports.
  • It is a fully automated solution that automatically analyses, diagnoses and categorises all customer subscription activity occurring within Sage Intacct Order Entry and Sage Intacct Contracts modules.
  • SI SaaS Intelligence leverages core Sage Intacct dashboards and reporting features to deliver critical metrics and reports based on the contextualised data produced by the product’s intelligence engine.
  • SI SaaS Intelligence is built on the Sage Intacct platform, so it has access to financial data straight from the general ledger.
  • Therefore, it can blend operational and financial data to calculate the most robust and accurate metrics.

SaaS and subscription-based companies often struggle to produce critical operational metrics that are real time, automatic, reliable and insightful.

  • Having one data source, with all the order information across new, upsell and renewal transactions, allows you to have real-time analysis on the SaaS transactions in your business.
  • The intelligence engine categories subscription activity into 20+ categories of recurring revenue (New, Add-on, Uplift, Downgrade, Markdown, Churn, etc.), 30+ KPIs, and 25+ out-of-the-box graphs and reports.
  • Excel-based SaaS financial models can lag weeks behind, require extensive manual processing tasks, are error prone, and lack the details needed to truly analyse the health of the business.
  • The market is flush with applications that purport to provide insights into SaaS metrics, but consumers of these products consistently bemoan the lack of functionality and flexibility of these tools. Further, these tools often overlook the unique challenges faced by the finance function.
  • SaaS Intelligence is specifically designed to address the above issues for SaaS and subscription based B2B companies.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) vertical is unique in its manner of doing business, in tracking contract amendments, being an extension of the billing system, and natively integrated to the financial system.

  • SaaS companies want the ability to measure a number of robust metrics and KPIs that are not typical GAAP financial measurements. These SaaS metrics reflect an accurate and timely view of the business.
  • SaaS Intelligence and its intelligent engine automatically deliver the real-time, robust and accurate metrics critical for SaaS companies.
  • Most other products are not fully integrated with a company’s ERP, so they are unable to access valuable revenue and cost data from the GL, which leads to external reporting and the potential for multiple versions of the truth.
While every SaaS analytics product can have unique features, SaaS intelligence is integrated directly into the Intacct ERP product, which means the SaaS Intelligence add-on will work seamlessly with Intacct, and drills down to the transaction level. Other products typically provide surface-level analysis of recurring revenue activity into four basic categories: 'New', 'Expansion/Upsell', 'Contraction/Downsell' and 'Churn.' SaaS Intelligence tracks in-depth recurring revenue activity into 25+ categories and leverages this detail to deliver more sophisticated and robust insights.
The SaaS Intelligence engine automatically categorises and contextualises the recurring revenue effects of customer subscription activity into over 25 distinct categories, including: New, Add-on, Uplift, Markdown, Downgrade, Renewed, Churn, etc. This enables finance organisations' access to real-time, contextualised data that is used to generate detailed SaaS and subscription metrics, crucial reports and insightful dashboards to elevate data-driven decision making.
SaaS Intelligence leverages the structure, control, and reporting capabilities of Sage Intacct, along with direct access to financial data, blending financial and operational metrics to deliver meaningful business intelligence. With SaaS Intelligence, companies can now achieve real-time visibility into valuable metrics, including Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Retention Cost (CRC), Cash Conversion Score, Net Burn Rate, and many more.
SaaS Intelligence dashboards and reports provide rich, granular insights into the health of subscription revenue, providing real-time capabilities for customer and product cohort analyses, bookings and billings metrics, unit economics, customer and revenue churn analysis, and other key SaaS metrics.
Yes. SaaS Intelligence is designed for both the core Order Entry and Contracts add-on modules and supports seamless usage of both simultaneously.
No. SaaS Intelligence is designed for B2B or B2B2C SaaS or other non-software subscription-based businesses.
Churn refers to the loss of a customer who no longer has active subscriptions. Downgrade refers to the reduction of subscription level or loss of a partial product subscription.
Yes. You can duplicate existing dashboards and make modifications or create a new dashboard from scratch. Because SaaS Intelligence data is captured directly in Sage Intacct, you simply use the standard reporting tools in Sage Intacct to create new reports.
You can modify existing dashboards, but doing so is not recommended. Included dashboards will be updated with future product upgrades, so any customer changes will be lost. The preferred method is to clone an existing dashboard and save the new dashboard under a different name.
Any dimension set up in Sage Intacct can be used, but normally only Item, Location and Customer are set as defaults. All dimensions can be tracked for booking and billings data, while tracking additional dimensions for CMRR should be reviewed with your implementation consultant.

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