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Seamless Salesforce and accounting integration

Salesforce integration with Sage Intacct gives you seamless order and sales workflow to deliver the best possible customer experience to your clients.

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Level up with Salesforce integration

Seamless Salesforce integration
Efficient workflows to level up productivity and collaboration
Simple set-up and easy to use
Automated quote-to-cash process
Sage Intacct Accounts Contacts Contracts Salesforce 2023 Sales Invoice Account Name Q-See Corporation Products (4) Product Implementation Onboarding Subscription License User Licenses Sales Invoices (1) Sales Invoice No. INV-00001 Payment terms Reference Net 30 22/2/2023 2023 Sales Invoice Due date Ship via Customer PO number Attachments Message Pending State Header Q-See Corporation (C-000034) History Payment details Salesforce Info Print Duplicate Done More actions Order Entry Sales Invoice Date Project Document number Converted from 02/07/2023 C-000034 – Q-See Corporation INV-00042 Sales Order-SO-00001 Customer 1-5 Elm Park, Leeds, LE5 2JR
United Kingdom
 [email protected] B_C-000034 Bill to 1-5 Elm Park, Leeds, LE5 2JR
United Kingdom
 [email protected] S_C-000034 Bill to Transaction date 7/2/2023 Due date 22/2/2023 Item totals 118,901 Subtotals 0.00 Transaction total 118,901 Transaction Status Pending

Scale and streamline your business processes from end to end

Sage Intacct connects sales, revenue operations and finance from the initial transaction through reporting, forecasting and billing to :

  • Eliminate data re-entry and inaccuracies that delay downstream approvals, billing and reporting.

  • Allow finance department to get real-time visibility to customer and transaction data.

  • Enable sales department and revenue operations to efficiently and accurately serve customers with access to transaction status, billing and payments.

  • Provide a shared system of record so everyone can trust the numbers. 

Salesforce Chatter collaboration

When integrated, the Salesforce Chatter feed is embedded directly inside Sage Intacct so you can collaborate within the context of related transactions in both platforms.

Focus on your business, not your integration

Our Salesforce integration solution is built and supported by Sage Intacct based on experience from working with hundreds of customers.

  • Configure your integration – no scripting or third-party services necessary.

  • Set up users and security with ease.

  • Stay up to date with the latest Sage Intacct innovations with seamless upgrades.

  • Use with Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Resources for Salesforce and accounting integration

Explore the latest research, guides and webinars on accounting and finance.

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Steve Smith

CFO, Ground Control

Thanks to improved accuracy and easy integration with Salesforce and Creditsafe, we have reduced over 60 days debt from 24% of total money owed, down to just 9%.

Salesforce and accounting integration FAQs

Yes, Sage Intacct is pre-built on the Salesforce platform and maintained by Sage Intacct to seamlessly connect the two platforms. The integration supports the needs of multiple industries, including organisations that are project-based, order-based, subscription-based or non-profit.
Salesforce has the ability to perform some basic accounting functions, but relies on integrating with financial and/or accounting software like Sage Intacct to provide a comprehensive accounting solution with the Salesforce CRM.
No, Sage Intacct is a standalone software that integrates with Salesforce via The Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Connector.
Sage Intacct seamlessly integrates with the best-of-breed Salesforce CRM platform to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Sage Intacct also integrates to other CRM platforms, but does not have a native CRM module.
The seamless integration between Sage Intacct and Salesforce eliminates time and errors from manually keying data from Salesforce into Sage Intacct. The seamless workflows help avoid approval, billing and reporting delays so customers can trust their numbers.

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