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72% of small businesses remain confident about their success

These businesses have been through some challenging times, including the cost-of-doing-business crisis. To be that confident, they had to get the basics right.

That's why we put this toolkit together – to help you run your business efficiently. It provides actionable resources that help you simplify essential processes,  save time and feel more secure that your business is under control.

The toolkit comes in a ZIP file and consists of 7 documents that you'll need to unzip. For the best viewing experience use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

All statistics are sourced from the Sage Small Business, Big Opportunity report 2023.

Inside the toolkit

  • How to use this toolkit
  • Cloud accounting software checklist
  • Business plan template
  • Invoice templates
  • Cash flow forecast template
  • Employee onboarding checklist
  • Payslip template

Managing your finances

Economic fluctuations, rising costs and customers tightening their belts – it's never been more important to stay on top of your finances. Focus on the fundamentals with these resources:

  • Cloud accounting software checklist: size up the solutions that will help reduce the time spent on manual accounting tasks.
  • Business plan template: map out the next steps for your business with this living document.
  • Invoice template: give your customers everything they need to pay you quickly.
  • Cash flow forecast template: create a forecast with this template so you can feel more confident about your cash flow.

Managing your people

Happy employees are an essential part of improving productivity. Make sure you get the basics right with these resources.

  • Employee onboarding checklist: cover off everything your new recruits need to get started and create a lasting impression.
  • Payslip template: create a consistent, clear and compliant experience for your employees.

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