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Austin office accessibility

Welcome - this guide provides information about accessibility for visitors to our Austin office.

Accessibility guidelines

  • Main entrance accessible with dropped curbs.


  • Designated accessible parking.
  • Main entrance doors are 89cm wide (manually operated).
  • Access control is not suitable for wheelchair user.

Side entrance has level access and wheelchair lift.

There is level access from the main entrance to:

  • Accessible toilet.
  • Elevator area.
  • Access to all floors via passenger elevator.
  • Elevator doors are 99cm wide, lifts are 193cm wide and 132cm deep.
  • Elevators will show floor numbers at each floor (will not announce floor numbers).
  • Elevators have raised buttons.
  • Toilet doors are manually operated and 85cm wide.
  • Toilet height is 43cm.
  • There is 30cm at the side of the toilet. There is 84cm in front of the toilet.
  • There is no cafeteria at this premises.
  • The fire alarm has flashing lights.
  • There are no hearing loop systems installed within this site.
  • Glass doors and full-height windows do not have contrast markings.
  •  The walls and the doors do not have high colour contrast.
  • Low lighting is not standard.
  • No designated quiet working areas.
  • Light brightness cannot be adjusted.
  • Some areas have patterned walls and floor surfaces.
  • Building has spaces without patterned wall and floor surfaces.
  • Hot desks are not available that can be adjusted to support different working positions and heights.
  • Evacuation chairs are not available, or personnel trained in using them.
  • No provision for assistive dogs, for example space for toileting, water/feeding stations.
  • Door handles are easy grip and accessible.
  • No access-controlled release buttons for person using a wheelchair.

211 E 7th St ste 800
TX 78701

There is a designated parking space at the venue.

Emergency evacuation procedures

  • Has emergency evacuation procedures for disabled visitors.
  • The fire alarm has flashing lights.