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Fixed asset software for medium-size business

Explore our software for fixed assets management & find out how to better manage your business profitability by optimizing asset management & depreciation tracking.

Use fixed asset management software to overcome your challenges

Capture, track, transfer, and depreciate your fixed assets with fixed asset software.

Automate asset management

Managing and tracking all asset data through its lifecycle in spreadsheets or manual processes creates hours of manual work. This can lead to inaccurate depreciation schedules in calculations, assets not being disposed of on time, and the creation of ghost or missing assets. Automate asset management with fixed asset software and have better control and visibility over your fixed assets.

Stay compliant

It is important to track the depreciation of your fixed assets accurately for compliance reasons. Fixed asset software helps you stay compliant with IRS regulations using our annual federal tax compliance updates. Our depreciation software includes over 300,000 IRS tax and GAAP rules and includes built-in tax forms and worksheets including 3468, 4255, 4562, and 4797.

Get real-time data and reports

When managing fixed assets, it's important to have complete visibility and real-time reporting on your assets. Fixed assets software gives you access to real-time data for rich reporting. This allows you to see the full asset lifecycle, view physical asset locations in real-time using a map interface, and reconcile book values. Our fixed asset management software also allows you to create a variety of custom reports while enabling you to report across solutions.

Fixed assets software features

From acquisition to disposal, fixed asset software helps you manage the full lifecycle of your assets better. Consider these features when searching for fixed asset software.


Eliminate manual effort when managing your fixed assets from acquisition to disposal.


Prepare for year-end financials, store key asset data, and efficiently allocate costs.


Optimize inventory management and never lose track of your assets again.


Increase control of your fixed assets and reduce risk with asset tracking.


Extend your reporting through customization and advanced formatting for charts and graphs.


Improve decision-making with real-time visibility into your business.

Sage Fixed Asset management software

Take control of fixed asset management with Sage Fixed Asset software.
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Sage Intacct

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Discover Sage Intacct


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Sage Fixed Assets

Track and manage every business asset with fixed asset software, ideal for medium size business.
Discover Sage Fixed Assets
  • Keep track of the value of your assets throughout your equipment’s lifecycle
  • Stay compliant with IRS regulations with annual tax compliance updates
  • Budget and track costs for projects before they become fixed assets
  • Manage fixed assets depreciation with 50 + depreciation methods
  • Generate custom reports based on business needs

Fixed assets software FAQs

A fixed asset is a long-term tangible property or piece of equipment that a company owns and uses in its operations to generate income, such as office equipment, machinery, computer hardware and software, vehicles, land, buildings, and so much more. These assets are not expected to be sold or used within a year, and they provide long-term financial benefits to the business as they generate revenue.
Fixed asset accounting is important because it helps businesses track and manage their fixed assets, Businesses use information about their assets to make good decisions. The information helps with proper inventory control and transparency in business operations. The information also helps businesses collect useful information, think of a system for naming each asset and numbering them, and accurately track expenses related to the assets, like depreciation.
Three types of fixed assets are tangible assets, intangible assets, and operating assets. Tangible assets are physical assets that can be touched, such as operational equipment, machinery, computer hardware, land and building, plant and machinery, vehicles, etc. Intangible assets are non-physical assets that have value but cannot be touched, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Operating assets are assets that are used to generate revenue, such as inventory, accounts receivable, and cash.
The three common methods of depreciation for accounting are Straight-line, Declining-balance, and Sum-of-the-years’-digits. Another common depreciation method is MACRS for tax depreciation. Sage Fixed Asset software handles over 50 different depreciation methods, and also gives you the freedom to create custom depreciation methods that are unique to your needs.

Get practical advice about fixed assets management

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