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Why SaaS controllers can’t miss the Modern SaaS Finance Forum

SaaS controllers can’t afford to miss the Modern SaaS Finance Forum. Come learn with 2,000+ peer SaaS finance leaders, investors, and experts.

If you’re a SaaS finance controller, you can’t afford to miss the Modern SaaS Finance Forum on June 5th.

This full-day digital event, hosted by Sage Intacct, features three different learning tracks for controllers, CFOs, and RevOps managers at high-growth SaaS and AI companies.

This year’s forum is a rare opportunity to network with 2,000+ SaaS industry peers and experts, and to learn the financial strategies you need to stay competitive in 2024 and beyond.

In this post, we’ll look at what controllers can expect to learn at the Modern SaaS Finance Forum.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Automating for efficiency

Get granular about your cash runway

Boost resilience through community

Dismantle financial data silos

Automate revenue recognition for peace of mind

Leverage the 6 C’s of cloud finance

Easily forecast in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals–or further out

Give board members what they want

Learn how to win your market in 2024

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Automating for efficiency

As a SaaS controller, do you ever get so overburdened with financial stewardship that you can’t focus on the strategic side of your role? You certainly aren’t alone if you do.

On June 5th, SaaS finance leaders will be sharing the key processes that you can automate to:

  • Get rid of accounting busywork
  • Simplify financial stewardship through AI and process centralization
  • Devote more time to crafting market-winning strategies

Come to this year’s Modern SaaS Finance Forum and learn how to embrace new technologies like generative AI to stay competitive.

Get granular about your cash runway

For today’s SaaS companies, dealing with economic volatility requires you to have a firm grip on your cash runway. To gauge your company’s financial health, you need to know exactly how long your cash runway is. You also need the flexibility and visibility to reallocate resources if need be.

At the Modern SaaS Finance Forum on June 5th, industry leaders will be sharing how AI can help you:

  • Efficiently track multiple revenue streams
  • Account for deferred revenue waterfalls
  • Cut costs to bolster your cash runway
  • Enhance your financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

Boost resilience through community

On June 5th, we’ll be hosting sessions about the benefits of SaaS finance peer groups.

It’s well known that individuals who foster meaningful professional relationships suffer less burnout and perform better on the job.

This aspect of the Modern SaaS Finance Forum is especially valuable for controllers, since your role can be very inward-facing at times.

Ideally, you should still be strategizing and interfacing regularly with colleagues. But it can still be very useful to form bonds with people in your specific career role.

The conference is a unique opportunity to meet other SaaS controllers dedicated to enhancing their companies and careers.

Why else should you attend?

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Dismantle financial data silos

Financial data silos can spell disaster for the long-term success and profitability of any SaaS company.

Recurring revenue companies have specialized financial needs–data has to flow through your company as rapidly as neurons traveling through a person’s brain.

At the Modern SaaS Finance Forum, we’ll show you how to use generative AI to make that a reality.

Come learn how to use accounting AI to centralize financial processes, connect departments, and create a shared business consciousness at your company.

Automate revenue recognition for peace of mind

One of your key responsibilities as a controller is to optimize your organization’s financial processes, and revenue recognition is one of the most important.

If your company still relies on manual revenue recognition, you’re putting yourself at serious risk of revenue leakage.

In addition, consider all the wasted time and money that goes into revenue recognition as you scale.

This year’s forum will feature sessions about the value of revenue recognition AI and hands-on discussions about implementing it in your department.

Leverage the 6 C’s of cloud finance

As a controller, the benchmarks you follow determine the strategies you craft to achieve your goals. So it’s important to get them right from the very beginning.

We’ll be discussing how you can use the 6 C’s of cloud finance to create what-if scenarios and a comprehensive scorecard for your organization.

In brief, the 6 C’s comprise:

  • CARR: The percentage growth of your committed annual recurring revenue
  • CAC payback: How many months it takes to recoup your customer acquisition cost
  • CLTV/CAC: How much revenue your customers generate versus how much they cost to acquire
  • Churn: The percentage of customers who unsubscribe monthly
  • Cash flow: Represented by your annual profit margin
  • CCS: Your cash conversion score can gauge the future health of your business

Join us for this year’s conference and learn precise benchmarks to aim for with the 6 C’s of cloud finance.

Easily forecast in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals–or further out

Forecasting is an essential strategic process. However, relying on manual workflows makes financial forecasting tedious and error-prone.

Manual mistakes can dramatically delay SaaS forecasts, or even make them unusable.

For SaaS controllers, the practical consequence is that you can’t forecast at the level of depth you need to.

Ideally, you should be running regular forecasts for a range of different timeframes–30, 60, and 90 days to start–but that’s incredibly difficult to do manually.

Join us for the Modern SaaS Finance Forum to learn how you can use AI to revolutionize your forecasting.

Automation enables you to rapidly generate SaaS forecasts for the full range of time intervals you need data on, from as little as 30 days out to a year or beyond.

Come get your SaaS forecasting dialed in on June 5th.

Give board members what they want

Knowing how to communicate effectively with your board is integral to your success as a controller.

Board presentations are your opportunity to tell members exactly what they need to know. But as it turns out, how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate to your board.

At the Modern SaaS Finance Forum, we’ll be sharing actionable tips in both areas. Controllers can learn how to:

  • Use financial visualization to turn dry data into a compelling story
  • Show your board the correct data to prove that you’re growing sustainably
  • Explain to board members and investors that your company and products are “mission critical”

If you’ve been wondering how to maximize the ROI of your board meetings, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know at next month’s event.

Learn how to win your market in 2024

The SaaS industry is more crowded and competitive than ever before, which means you need every possible advantage going forward.

Join 2,000+ peer SaaS finance leaders, investors, and industry experts on June 5th to gain the insider secrets you need to win your market.

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