Modern Niagara Group: Taking customer service to its highest level

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When I first started talking with Modern Niagara Group about their business, I was immediately impressed. Named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2002, the company delivers skilled planning, budgeting, execution, and management of mechanical construction projects and building services.

The company is known for its quick, responsive service delivered on time and on budget by experienced professionals. So as the company grew, expanding its footprint across seven provinces, they wanted to make sure they maintained that high-quality service. One way was to streamline their dispatch and field services tasks.

Today Modern Niagara Group has moved from a completely manual process to a completely electronic process. Instead of managing a stack of paper work orders, technicians now receive work order details on their mobile devices. From the site, technicians can access information about the customer, the building site, and the installed equipment. And once the work order is completed, they can capture a customer’s signature and email a copy of the completed work order to the customer immediately.

Back at the office, dispatchers view and monitor the status of each service call from a computer dashboard to keep everything running smoothly. And because the service software is integrated with the company’s accounting system invoicing is much quicker.

According to Fleck, the move to an electronic service management system has positively impacted every aspect of their operation. “We’ve eliminated virtually all of the paperwork associated with work order handling,” says Fleck. “That leads to huge improvements in productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.”

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