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Why should SaaS RevOps managers attend the Modern SaaS Finance Forum?

Join 2,000+ peer SaaS finance leaders, investors, and industry experts for this exclusive virtual event on June 5, 2024. This full-day summit has three different tracks (CFO, Controller, and RevOps) to help you build the processes and teams within fast growth SaaS, AI, and high-tech companies to make the big decisions needed to scale and win your market.

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As a SaaS RevOps manager, do you ever wish connecting with other SaaS finance pros was easier?

Sage Intacct is hosting the Modern SaaS Finance Forum on June 5th 2024, where you can network with and learn from 2,000+ SaaS industry peers and experts.

This full-day digital event has three different learning paths for SaaS CFOs, Controllers, and RevOps managers.

Let’s take a look at why SaaS RevOps professionals should mark their calendars for this valuable SaaS finance summit. What can you expect to learn at this year’s forum?

Here’s what we’ll cover

Automation is key, but where should you begin?

Frontload the urgency

Get granular about your financial visibility

Monetization over acquisition

Building resilience through community

Learn SaaS finance mistakes you should avoid

Win your market in 2024 and beyond

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Automation is key, but where should you begin?

We all know that AI is here to stay and yields significant improvements in financial process efficiency and cash flow.

However, transitioning to automated accounting can still be daunting due to the sheer number of moving pieces at a high-growth SaaS company.

Because of that, effective automation calls for selectivity.

Start small to win big. The quote-to-cash cycle is where your AI journey should begin because it has an outsized impact on your cash flow.

As a SaaS RevOps manager, focusing on the quote-to-cash process allows you to pinpoint a single high-value process to automate, fine-tune it completely, and then move on to other workflows.

At this year’s Modern SaaS Finance Forum, we’ll be:

  • Explaining how to remove data silos at your company so your RevOps and sales teams can communicate in real time to supercharge quote-to-cash.
  • Showing you exactly how to automate quote-to-cash, starting with a mock order to get comfortable with the process in a low-stakes way.
  • Sharing case studies of how financial process automation is helping RevOps professionals just like you boost revenue and operational efficiency.

It’s never too early to automate quote-to-cash, which leads us to another valuable lesson for RevOps managers.

Frontload the urgency

For SaaS RevOps leaders, it can be easy to procrastinate when implementing accounting AI.

If your board gives you a six-month deadline to roll out cloud accounting software, you might think, “Well, we’ve got six months. What’s the rush?”

The problem with that sort of thinking is that AI isn’t a silver bullet or an instant cure-all.

You’ll need to budget time for:

  • Researching vendors and doing your due diligence, which can be time-consuming in and of itself
  • Training your new accounting system on your financial data
  • Training employees on your new software

Six months might seem like plenty of time for an enterprise software rollout, but assumptions create problems in business.

If you coast for the first two or three months and then get serious, you might find yourself several months past the deadline and explaining the delays to your board–who may or may not be understanding.

At this year’s Modern SaaS Finance Forum, we’ll share actionable strategies to help you “frontload the urgency.”

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Get granular about your financial visibility

As a SaaS RevOps manager, one of the biggest benefits of attending this digital forum is learning how to leverage customer-specific evaluations for cash flow planning.

Accounting AI enables SaaS RevOps leaders to better plan their cash flow by examining individual customers’ and customer groups’ likelihood of paying on time.

High-growth SaaS companies often have thousands or even tens of thousands of customers. At that level, you need to get granular in your financial analysis.

At the Modern SaaS Finance Forum we’ll show you how you can:

  • Use accounting AI to track your probable cash flow down to individual customers and customer cohorts
  • Model the renewal likelihood of your customers to better predict your financial future

What else can you expect to learn at this year’s Modern SaaS Finance Forum?

Monetization over acquisition

For RevOps success, it’s not enough to focus on acquiring new subscribers. You need to prioritize long-term monetization.

In other words, once you have paying subscribers, how do you reliably generate revenue from them?

Ideally, even revenue above their baseline subscription through add-ons and cross-sells.

On June 5th, we’ll discuss the benefits of AI for monetizing customers.

Many SaaS billing models provide ample opportunity for generating additional revenue beyond basic subscriptions—usage-based pricing and hybrid billing strategies immediately come to mind.

Your board expects you to go beyond a “customer acquisition” mindset to a “customer monetization” mindset.

At this year’s summit, SaaS industry experts will discuss valuable strategies and tools for achieving that.

Building resilience through community

For whatever reason, there aren’t as many networking opportunities for SaaS RevOps leaders as there are for other corporate leadership roles.

That’s unfortunate because community-building reduces burnout and improves job performance.

The Modern SaaS Finance Forum gives RevOps managers a chance to form lasting relationships with professional peers that can benefit them for years to come.

Learn SaaS finance mistakes you should avoid

This year’s forum will also discuss SaaS RevOps mistakes that can dramatically interfere with your company’s cash flow.

Communication silos between teams

Among other SaaS RevOps pitfalls, industry experts will dive into strategies for avoiding financial data silos.

RevOps success depends on establishing a real time connection between sales, marketing, and customer success at your company.

If your company relies on legacy workflows, these crucial teams will be siloed, each managing and updating its own data.

They can’t communicate in real time to maximize recurring revenue.

That’s a major problem, and we’ll show you how to solve it once and for all.

Being too narrow with your rules

You’re probably familiar with the Rule of 40.

It states that SaaS companies should aim for the combined sum of their annual revenue growth rate and profit margin to meet or exceed 40%.

However, sometimes we need to question the rules we follow.

There are many opinions about whether the Rule of 40 is the best gauge of SaaS success.

Some experts criticize it as unrealistic—even for $200M companies to reliably hit—while others swear by it.

SaaS RevOps managers are directly involved in growth and revenue strategies, and the rules you follow dictate the benchmarks you’ll set.

Join us at this year’s event to get the full story from industry insiders.

Focusing on the wrong goals for your growth stage

It can be tempting for any SaaS RevOps leader to adopt the “growth at all costs” mindset.

However, depending on your company lifecycle stage, you might need to set different strategic goals.

Acquiring series-A funding requires you to focus on proving your revenue model, whereas series F involves loftier ambitions.

At that stage, you’d be looking at goals like growing to $100M in gross profit and proving the repeatability and predictability of your business model.

If you focus on the wrong areas for your growth stage, you could limit your SaaS organization’s revenue and funding results.

Are you putting your time and your company’s resources to the best possible use?

Attend the forum in June and find out more.

Win your market in 2024 and beyond

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what you’ll learn at the Modern SaaS Finance Forum on June 5th.

Join 2,000+ SaaS industry leaders, investors, and experts as they dive into everything you need to know in the coming months and years.

Reserve your place today.