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Sage X3 distinguished in Ultra Consultant’s distribution vendor update

Citing Sage’s expertise and focus on manufacturing and distribution, Sage X3 was selected as one of the top ERP software providers for distributors in Ultra Consultant’s ERP Vendor Update.

It seemed like the disruptions from the pandemic were endlessly complicated. From worker shortages, supply chain issues, and varying country shutdowns, distributors were hit from every angle. Many had to adapt and make widespread changes to their operations.

From developing new vendor and supplier relationships, overhauling their ecommerce models, and shifting to the cloud –the pandemic caused distributors to think about what they wanted their business to truly look like—and what technology would get them there faster.

Now more than ever, distributors need to future-proof their technologies and ensure the choice they make in ERP provides them with agility and ability to quickly adapt.

Why Sage X3 made the list

For Sage X3, the more complex a customer’s business, the better. It deftly handles the complexities of multi-national, multi-currency, and multi-language businesses.

Built for manufacturing and distribution companies, it offers businesses with international supply chains one source of truth. With a strong ecosystem of partners, resellers, and ISVs, Sage X3 quickly adapts and customizes for differing parts of your business, ensuring your tech stack and work processes are fully integrated.

Sage X3 is also offered as a single-tenant cloud solution via Amazon Web Services or a third-party provider, ensuring there is accessibility to your system when unpredictability strikes.

According to Ultra Consultants, Sage X3 “often exceeds the functionality of the competition.”

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