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Continuously innovating

At Sage, we provide our customers with the innovative technology they need to thrive. Because when they succeed, we do too. Using cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and LLM on platforms like AWS and Azure, our Data and Global Product Delivery teams create and maintain the tech that enables our customers to take control of their businesses. From introducing automation to improve their accounting and finance responsibilities to discovering people management needs, these teams bring to life easy and effective technology experiences.

Product Delivery and Data teams snapshot

The people in our Global Product and Data teams deliver innovation at every touchpoint, and across every level, to create the best outcomes for our customers.
Our Product Management teams oversee the development and enhancement of our products across many of our functions at Sage. They keep goals on track by prioritizing the individual needs of our customers and by problem-solving any technical challenges in the process.

Organization is key for product managers at Sage. They oversee the strategy of our products, identify target markets, set objectives, and then translate this into detailed product specifications - all while collaborating across different functions at Sage to align our business objectives with the product roadmap.
Putting our customers at the heart of everything they do, our product designers apply their understanding of users to design and enhance the UI/UX of our products. They define user personas, build wireframes, and deliver high-fidelity, pixel-perfect prototypes to guide the development process and ensure the usability of our products.

Our Product Experience Design and Marketing Experience Design teams create user-centric and visually appealing experiences. By taking a holistic approach to design, they combine user research, design, and testing to create experiences that are not only visually appealing, but also user-friendly, accessible, and aligned to our business goals.
At Sage, our Architects make creative decisions that will have a significant impact on our future. By working alongside our Delivery teams on technical details, overseeing builds, and joining global governance boards - they’re disruptive tech enthusiasts who drive the technical architecture and evolution of our business.

Our Architecture teams are part of one of the world’s leading business platform providers. Transforming our regional and global IT services, they deliver large complex solution architectures that translate the needs of our customers into compelling solutions, all while ensuring that complex procedures are easy to understand for our non-tech colleagues and customers.
Software engineering isn’t just about working on the design and delivery of our outstanding products and systems. It’s about being part of a world-class team of extraordinary people that make one of the world’s biggest online accounting, finance, and people platforms even better.

Here, every Software Engineer can evolve their skill set and grow. Our inclusive culture encourages our teams to share new ideas, mentor one another, and empower each other to thrive.

From our Apprentices to the Team Leaders, our Software Engineers explore their passion while delivering innovative solutions for our customers using technology like AWS, Azure, .Net, and MySQL.
Our Data Analytics & Science teams analyze data to improve our products, identify trends, enhance our customer experience, and drive business growth. For this to happen, our Data Governance Analysts study our customers and their interactions with our software, application logs, and external data feeds.

Our Data Scientists then evaluate our financial and business data to find insights that can be used to improve our products and optimize the services we provide to our customers.
Our Cloud Operations DevOps teams ensure that our products and services are always available for our customers to use and manage their businesses online.

This involves designing, implementing, and managing our cloud-based infrastructure to support the delivery of our products. Monitoring our services using tools like AWS and Azure, our Cloud Operations DevOps teams manage an around-the-clock operation to ensure that our services remain available to our customers whenever and wherever they need them.
Keeping tech flowing for customers and colleagues are our IT teams. They transform the way IT is delivered by creating efficiencies with an emphasis on simplicity. From Data teams mining numbers that help make informed decisions to Development teams designing, testing, and deploying solutions that can be trusted, people all around the world benefit from cutting-edge technology.

With the ability to utilize the capabilities of several other Sage products and services, these teams get first access to evolving integration. Working with an array of technology, whether a part of the IT Support and Services teams or Infrastructure and Operations teams, experimentation is key.

Work with cutting-edge technology

Insider knowledge

Hear from our Data and GPO colleagues.
“To really unleash your potential here, you need to have a growth mindset. Being curious and open to learn from others and through your own upskilling unlocks opportunities of growth. Stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things fuels that shift of mindset and no matter what function or level you are at, you will thrive here as you are constantly working on improving yourself.”

Growth Hacker

“A new business can be quite hard to navigate at times, but it’s so important at Sage that you get to know our business and understand the needs of our customers, so you need to be inquisitive, ask lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to be bold and speak up if you can see opportunities.”

Director BI and Analytics

“Being at Sage has been exciting. I was fortunate enough to join the AI team at a time when the team was building a product that attracted a lot of customer usage. As a result, we had continued demand to expand our product functionalities to automate and solve more of our customer needs, which allowed our team to grow quite rapidly within the last year and a half.”

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

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