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Global security

Infusing confidence in customers and colleagues.

Securing the future

The Global Security teams at Sage protect our customers, colleagues, and products from a variety of complex and ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Using cutting-edge technologies like cloud-based tech stacks, they know the risks involved in cybersecurity and how to get ahead of them. But they also thrive on providing guidance and support to our colleagues and customers across the world so that they can approach each day with confidence.

Global Security teams snapshot

Our Global Security teams are experts in their field who ensure Sage, our customers, and colleagues can thrive digitally.
Application Security Specialists are responsible for ensuring that our new product and system releases are secure, addressing vulnerabilities quickly and effectively. Working as a team, they innovate to drive improvements into our products and systems, solving technical challenges so business runs smoothly.

From our Apprentices to our Principal AI and ML Security Specialists, who are weaving AI into the forefront of our business, these teams are the main point of contact on security issues involved in the delivery of our products. Contributing to the development of our standards and tools, they lean into taking ownership of their careers and speak up about areas of improvement.
Our Cyber Defense Operations Managers are known for their willingness to learn, ability to problem-solve, and effort to collaborate. They have a strong desire to be pushed out of their comfort zone and are ambitious to break barriers while being one step ahead of threats. It’s why we give them the freedom to work within multiple responsibilities across our Cyber Defense Operations.

These teams also have a hunger to learn and achieve their career goals, which is why we fund certifications like Azure, Splunk, AWS, and Python - so that they can continue their passion for learning about security operations.
Our People-Centered Security Specialists support our entire Global Security function and the development of our Cyber Security Awareness and Engagement team. By delivering cross-cutting cybersecurity projects, they improve the effectiveness of our business so we can be our best for customers.

Day-to-day, these teams use their analytical skills and eye for detail to improve our security culture, behaviors, champions - and the safety of our customers. Our Security Analysts understand the value of cybersecurity and are motivated to learn how to reduce cyber risks to both our colleagues and customers.

Protect people globally

Insider knowledge

Hear from our Global Security colleagues.
“There’s an industry stereotype which says you can either work somewhere supportive and inclusive, or work in tech. What I love about Sage is I get both every day - I can immerse myself in some of the most exciting technology innovation around but in a working environment which prizes human connections above all else.”

Chief Risk Officer

“I love working at Sage for a few reasons. Professionally, I am in the best place I've ever been in my career. I feel challenged and pushed constantly. And mentally, I feel so supported and surrounded by wonderful colleagues who not only want to do the right thing by our customers, but also want to do the right thing by one another. I am truly loving it here.”

People-centered Security Lead

“It is exciting to be at Sage and for me, it has been a steep learning curve since I joined the business in April 2020, just a few weeks after the pandemic hit. Individually, I am challenged and supported to grow and develop every day. As a team, I am proud of all that we have achieved and all we continue to achieve, and I am privileged to work alongside some great minds here.” 

Director, Cyber Security Engagement and Awareness

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