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Digitally Transform Transportation and Logistics

Improve operational efficiencies, lower transportation costs, and enhance customer service 

If you’re in the business of getting the right item, to the right customer, at the time and place they need it, you need to ensure you're complying with ever-changing carrier and regulatory requirements, effectively managing complicated freight pricing structures, and staying on top of the increased demand for supply chain visibility.

Watch this webcast recording to discover how ProcessWeaver’s xCarrier integrated shipping and tracking platform helps companies minimize manual processes, better manage the complexities of multi-carrier shipping, and ensure compliance. Operating as an extension of your Sage ERP solution, xCarrier helps shippers take command and control of their processes, workflows, and greatly improve operational efficiency.

Learn how integrating xCarrier shipping can provide your organization:

  • Operational Efficiency—Reduce staffing requirements by automating the shipping and tracking of customer orders.
  • Error Reductions—Eliminate costly shipping errors that are uncoverable and directly impact your customers.
  • Transportation Spending—Reduce transportation cost by avoiding selecting the wrong carrier.
  • IT Cost Reduction—Reduce staffing cost by 100s of hours each year maintaining external shipping systems.
  • Reporting & Analytics—Use carrier shipping, tracking, and billing information to measure performance.
  • Visibility—Enhance customer service by always knowing the status of all your shipments.