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Sage Intacct Buy with Confidence Program (SLA) – United States

Our Commitment to Customers

We are committed to your success. To demonstrate our commitment, we have established our Buy With Confidence™ program, outlining the level of service you can expect from us in the operation of the Sage Intacct Services. We strive to make every interaction productive. If we do not meet your expectations, we want to hear from you. Please send your feedback to [email protected].

This Buy With Confidence program applies to the operation of the Sage Intacct Services only, and does not apply to any other Sage product or service. Please check your agreement with Sage regarding terms applicable to other Sage products and services.

Outstanding Availability

Our goal is to provide 24x7 availability of the Sage Intacct application service, and we offer subscription credits for availability below 99.8%. You can receive a credit of 10% of your subscription fees for the month in which the outage event(s) occurred for every percentage point that Service Availability1 falls below 99.8%, up to a maximum of 50% of the applicable subscription fees for that month2. To receive a credit, you must submit a request to us within 15 days after the month in which the Service Availability outage event(s) occurred. Any credit will be applied against subsequent monthly subscription fees due to us or, at our option, refunded to you. In addition, the availability of the Sage Intacct application service is backed up by a complete disaster recovery program.

Status Information

You can view current status information at Historical uptime information is at

Disaster Recovery

Our system performs frequent and regular transaction log backups and daily data backups to redundant local storage, which are periodically replicated offsite. In addition, transaction backups are frequently replicated offsite for disaster recovery. We commit that no more than 4 hours of a customer’s transactional work3 could be lost in the case of a catastrophic event (Recovery Point Objective, or RPO). In the unlikely event of a disaster, the Sage Intacct application service will be available within 24 hours (Recovery Time Objective, or RTO).

Professional Services Quality

Our goal is 100% satisfaction with the professional services provided by us. To back up that goal, we are willing to place 10% of our professional services fees at risk to ensure customer satisfaction. We will provide the professional services as outlined and mutually agreed upon in the Statement of Work on time and on budget. If we are not able to deliver the professional services outlined within the agreed to budget and timeline, provided all prerequisites of the Statement of Work are satisfied, we will forego payment of 10% of the applicable labor-based professional services fees. No questions asked. To receive a credit, you must submit a request to us within 15 days of your production usage of Sage Intacct. Any credit will be applied against subsequent monthly subscription fees due to us or, at our option, refunded to you.

Your data is your data, and we will not hold it hostage if you decide to move to another solution. We will help you move for a nominal fee if you decide a better solution exists.

Billing Quality

We will deliver accurate statements of activity and charges to you on a monthly basis. If there is a billing error brought to our attention, we will provide you a corrected statement within 3 days of being notified of the error.

Communication Excellence

New features: Sage Intacct releases new capabilities multiple times a year. With each release, Sage Intacct will announce the availability of new features within the product or via other means. The announcement will contain a variety of information sources to help with learning about the value and how to use the new features and product improvements.

Scheduled maintenance: We have published a weekly 4-hour scheduled maintenance window in the Sage Intacct Community and in the Sage Intacct Services. If an extended maintenance period is required, the maintenance will be scheduled nights or weekends and will not exceed 8 hours per week whenever possible. For scheduled extended maintenance periods affecting specific customers, we will notify you 48 hours in advance via an email to your customer contact.

1Service Availability is computed as follows:

System: the Sage Intacct’s application service, accessible over the network via web protocols, up to and including Sage Intacct’s internet connection. Problems outside Sage Intacct’s infrastructure, such as those of ISPs, third-party infrastructure providers, Internet backbone or customer’s network, are excluded. Non-production sites or tenants such as, for example, development, implementation, preview and training sites, sandboxes, trials, and beta services are excluded. Problems caused by software running on customers’ computers are also excluded.

System Outage Hours: Total time during a given month in which the System is unavailable, excluding scheduled maintenance time.

Total Hours: Number of hours contained in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance time.

Service Availability: The percentage of Total Hours during a given month in which the System was available, computed as follows:

100 ⁎  Total Hours - System Outage Hours

                              Total hours

Calculation of Service Availability excludes system outages caused by force majeure, i.e. acts of God, war, civil unrest, acts of government, third-party providers of data, third-party websites or services, etc., or by any other circumstances beyond Sage Intacct’s reasonable control.

2AvailabilityPlus subscription credit has been available since August 1, 2007. The AvailabilityPlus program may be terminated by us at any time upon written notice.

3Customer’s transactional work consists of transactions that are committed and may be rolled back to a point in time prior to the incident.

In this document, “we,” “us” and “our” refers to the Sage company with which you have contracted for subscription to the Sage Intacct Services. “Sage Intacct” refers to Sage Intacct, Inc. This Buy With Confidence program does not apply to professional services provided by our value-added resellers or other partners; please check your agreement with the partner for applicable terms.


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