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Seeing results with real-time reporting

GrayWolf Industrial is a premier specialty construction, maintenance and fabrication provider, serving clients in a variety of industrial and mechanical industries across the United States.

“Our people enjoy using this and working together because the data is real. We can print weekly or daily reports and the data always changes.”

Wayne Lewis,

Director of Shared Services at GrayWolf Industrial

For years GrayWolf were working off disparate systems with no central client database. Sales reports were gathered using a combination of Word, Excel and sometimes even handwritten notes with no real way to assimilate the data.

Wayne Lewis, Director of Shared Services at GrayWolf Industrial, explains how his team are using their Sage solution “We’ve got people in the office who are updating it from a bid status point. We’ve got sales and marketing people in the field who are using this on iPad and iPhone. It’s all in real-time so the sales guys can automatically update it as long as they are connected to the internet.”

“I don’t know how you quantify it, it’s the difference between night and day. As I mentioned before we have 5 different companies under the one umbrella so we had the database and it was impossible to do master lists with this database. Now...they are distributed to the different unit managers as well as the senior management team and it shows what’s in process, what jobs are coming down the pipeline, what we are working on, how much we are bidding at any one given time and this is all live and in real-time. It’s so much different, I don’t know how you quantify it – it’s just become one of the greatest tool we have. I can’t compliment it enough.”

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