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Sage Mobile Payments

Take payments on the go. Swipe debit and credit cards on your favorite smartphone or tablet.

Unlimited volume

Sage Mobile Payments lets you enjoy unlimited monthly credit card transaction volume.

Improve cash flow

Get fast settlement to your preferred bank account within 48 hours of each transaction—improving cash flow. Accept more than just retail or quick payments.

Installment payments

Now you can take non-profit donations, deposits, installments, and final balances as work progresses or is completed.

Access anywhere

Accept payments anywhere you are, including at your customers' locations. Avoid the possibility of lost checks and save a trip to the bank.

Fast, easy, and secure

You're ready to go in just 4 steps.

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Get contactless or NFC payments

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What are NFC and contactless payments?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. That means a customer's mobile device with a payment application needs to be near a terminal for the transaction to take place. The customer waves their mobile device over the terminal, their account is debited, and the merchant business is credited. Some NFC payment examples include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet. Your business just needs to have the right terminal. Although NFC isn't part of Sage Mobile Payments, you can still add that product.