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Optimize your human resources department

Transform HR from tactical to strategic with actionable information and tools for small and medium businesses.

With tools and information that save your HR teams time and optimize their efforts, Sage Payroll HCM helps you drive the capital in human capital management.

  • Recruiting and candidate management 
  • Employee onboarding 
  • Talent and performance management 
  • Dynamic reporting


A+ onboarding

With a planned and polished onboarding process, you can keep employees productive and satisfied while also saving your company the costs associated with turnover. Use this checklist to ensure your onboarding methods get an A+.


Platform protection

Sage is committed to the security and confidentiality of your vital business data. Use this security datasheet to better understand the measures in place to safeguard your confidential data with Sage Payroll Services.

Recruit, onboard, and manage top talent

Sage Payroll HCM can help reduce the stress and complication of manual paper-based processes or even a clunky enterprise system. Discover what Sage Payroll Full Service can do for you.

Recruiting and candidate management

Focus on finding and hiring the right candidates, reduce job-sourcing costs and simplify recruiting on your company’s website, social networks, and major job boards.

Talent and performance management

Use reporting to keeps tabs on candidate metrics, performance, and legal compliance.

Screen candidates for job-specific competencies with dynamic reporting.

Compare candidates to top performing employees using performance-based hiring user profiles.

Employee onboarding

Set up new employees accurately and efficiently with customized workflow management.

Reduce turnover costs by giving new employees access to policy manuals, training videos, and more in one convenient place.

Save time by automating paperwork online. Use new hire surveys help to find out how their first days are going.

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