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Sage Intacct cloud accounting software for real estate investment trusts

Streamline accounting and finance for smarter real-estate investment decisions.


Optimize and empower your back office

Whether it's ever-fluctuating capital markets, capital allocation considerations, constantly changing regulatory requirements, or other market dynamics, your real estate investments need constant attention. With Sage Intacct accounting for real estate investment, you can focus on what's important. 

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Accounting software designed to reduce multi-entity complexity

Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone consolidations across complex entity structures and disparate data sources. With Sage Intacct's unified accounting system, you can continuously consolidate hundreds of entities, streamline financial planning processes, and improve business intelligence, all in real-time. All while immediately bolstering your team's productivity—enabling smarter, data-driven decisions and improving your real estate firms business performance.


Power up in cloud with accounting software for real estate investment

Decrease IT costs and dependency, strengthen security, improve data access, and automate quarterly updates and data backup with the platform trusted by leading real estate investment companies.

  • Get 24/7 access to your business-critical data—anytime/anywhere on any device.

  • Have less downtime and disruption with cloud-delivered updates.

  • Scale your REIT with pre-built capabilities and custom features.

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Keep a pulse on your REIT with a consolidated view

Share investment finance data and connect multiple other applications – like existing systems, expense management, and payroll—to Sage Intacct REIT accounting software so that you access the best technology in all areas across your firm. Bridge the gap between finance and operations and keep everything (and everyone) in sync.

Drill down into the details with ease

Gain greater visibility through custom dashboard analytics, no matter how many properties or number of global entities you manage. You'll be able to uncover opportunities quickly, stay audit-ready, and implement effortless reporting.

  • Get real-time shared access across multiple entities.

  • Track financial data such as P&L, budget vs. plan, and cash.

  • Manage key metrics such as assets under management (AUM) and fair-market-value.

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Real estate investment accounting software FAQs

Accounting software for real estate investment trust firms helps you simplify your financial planning and streamline many accounting procedures. It also provides you with real-time information that helps you make data-driven decisions and raise the performance level of your REIT.
Cloud accounting software for real estate investment trusts designed for the complexities of REIT accounting decreases IT costs, strengthens security, improves data access, and automates quarterly updates and data backup.
Yes, accounting processes can be automated for real estate investment trust firms, with quarterly updates and data backup. Powerful software with automated features like Sage Intacct makes it easy to scale your business with pre-built capabilities and custom features that save time and reduce errors.
The best accounting software for REIT firms will include ease of use, ease of integration with other software, stability, and a wide range of features help you maximize every asset.

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