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Sage Intacct subscription billing & accounting software for growth stage SaaS

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Sage Intacct Accounts Contacts Contracts Salesforce 2023 Sales Invoice Account Name Q-See Corporation Products (4) Product Implementation Onboarding Subscription License User Licenses Sales Invoices (1) Sales Invoice No. INV-00001 Payment terms Reference Net 30 2/22/2023 2023 Sales Invoice Due date Ship via Customer PO number Attachments Message Pending State Header Q-See Corporation (C-000034) History Payment details Salesforce Info Print Duplicate Done More actions Order Entry Sales Invoice Date Project Document number Converted from 02/07/2023 C-000034 – Q-See Corporation INV-00042 Sales Order-SO-00001 Customer 1-5 Elm Park, Leeds, LE5 2JR United Kingdom [email protected] B_C-000034 Bill to 1-5 Elm Park, Leeds, LE5 2JR United Kingdom [email protected] S_C-000034 Bill to Transaction date 2/7/2023 Due date 2/22/2023 Item totals 118,901 Subtotals 0.00 Transaction total 118,901 Transaction Status Pending

Get automated with native Salesforce integration

Integrating quote-to-cash often results in a DSO decrease up to 30%, freeing up cash-flow to invest in hiring and acquisitions.

  • Cut order-to-bill processing time by 50%;

  • Reduced deferred A/R balance by 33% and trimmed DSO by 10%;

  • Increased operational cash by 10% while cash forecast variances dropped 80%;

Learn how Acquia uses Sage Intacct reporting to make better decisions, increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and reducing churn.
Read case study.

Automate your revenue recognition

When it comes to revenue recognition, finance executives at fast-growth SaaS and subscription companies face many challenges. There are complexities regarding revenue and billing models, how well-aligned sales and finance are on deal terms, and collaboration is critical, especially in this unpredictable environment. Leverage the #1 revenue management platform:

  • MEA and complex multi-revenue stream revenue recognition.

  • Forecast deferred and recognized across unbilled, billed, and paid.

  • Manage both ASC 605 and 606 and IFRS 15 internationally.

1 Deferred Revenue 2 Sales Revenue 9,000.00 0.00 2,000.00 1,000.00 0.00 0.00 11,000.00 1,000.00 3 Total 9,000.00 3,000.00 0.00 12,000.00 Unbilled Billed Paid Total

Graduate off Quickbooks

Expanding to multiple geographies or adding entities requires visibility across the entire business, with financial transparency. RapidRatings, a top NYC fintech SaaS firm, was able to:

  • Reduce DSO by 20%.

  • Predict cash flow out 18 months.

  • Shorten their financial close by more than 40%.

By moving off of QuickBooks, learn how RapidRatings automates critical workflows through Sage Intacct’s contracts billing and revenue management capabilities. 
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Choose the right subscription billing software for your growth company

With Sage Intacct subscription billing software, you’ll have accurate quote-to-cash, dependable revenue recognition and the right SaaS metrics so you can sleep at night.

  • Handle many subscription billing types- usage-based, user-based, tiered, minimums, and overages.
  • Offer payment terms with different frequency, timing, and forms of payments such as credit card or invoicing.
  • Use accounting for growth-stage SaaS to produce the 6 Cs of SaaS Metrics, such as CMRR, CAC, Churn, CLTV, and Cash Flow.

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Elizabeth Ingham

Assistant Controller, Nasuni

Sage Intacct helped us reduce time to invoice by 99%, cut the monthly close by 40%, boosted gross margins 10%, and supported raising a $25M funding round.

Accounting software for growth stage SaaS FAQs

Most finance teams spend 80% of their time doing manual transaction support, and only 20% of their time doing strategic decision support. The best SaaS operational finance teams chose Sage Intacct to shift that to 20% manual, 80% strategic decision making. We have engineered our platform to eliminate manual, tedious processes that burn through weeks of work each month, such as manual entry of orders out of and exceptions to contract revenue recognition and billing. We then provide access to the necessary real-time SaaS metrics, financial dashboards, and tools to enable strategic analysis, forecasting, and scenario planning that allow CFOs to recommend new initiatives that grow revenue, reduce churn, improve efficiency of customer acquisition, direct product development that delights customers, adjusts pricing to maximize customer acquisition and profitability, and deliver the churn, cash-flow, CMRR, and other metrics with confidence to impress investors and secure new funding.

Order-entry-only suites don’t allow you to manage SaaS revenue recognition, billing, nor SaaS metrics. And subscription-billing-only solutions don’t allow you to track expenses, see cash-flow, nor forecast scenario planning for the company.
CFO – I need to have all the data, much faster, with dimensions and with statistical accounts, so that I can calculate and show trending analysis in our key financial information, such as cash, cash forecast, revenue recognition, billings forecast, and our financial statements, such as the balance sheet and statement of cash flow.

I also need to produce SaaS metrics, both looking backwards and forwards, with reporting and forecasting, to guide strategic decision-making. Understanding our CLTV/CAC ratio, churn, average CMRR, number of customers, and other metrics, allow us to understand our product/market fit and sales efficiency, to know where to invest.
Revenue Operations/Revenue Accountant/Billing Manager/AR Manager – I need subscription billing that maximizes price-to-value and differentiates from competition, such as usage-based pricing, tiered pricing, or land-and-expand models.

Accompanying that, I need revenue recognition across the customer lifecycle for ASC606, tracking the implicit and explicit performance obligations, so can do deferred and recognized revenue across unbilled, billed, and paid.

I have inconsistency in the orders and revenue is spread across order line items, so this is complicated and hard to track the exceptions. 20% of my transactions create 80% of my problems.
Controller - automate billing, revenue, and expenses to close with controls
CFO - know the strategic levers to be the business model architect
SalesOps - integrate the quote to billing to speed quote-to-cash
RevOps - create billing and pricing scenarios, with metrics to track
Revenue Manager -- create deferred revenue reporting
Billing Manager - automate invoicing and collections
FP&A -- create forecasts and budgets/actuals for team to manage cash-flow and growth
CEO - know the cash, billing, and SaaS metrics position of the company to make strategic moves
AP, AR, GL, revenue recognition, expense management, financial reporting, forecasting, and HR, all in one solution
API integration to 100s of applications
Consolidation across multiple entities
International currency, FX, and inter-company transfers
Bank reconciliations
Real-time GL entry outlier detections resulting in continuous close
Real-time Salesforce integration
Billing, AP, AR, GL, expense management, financial reporting, forecasting, and the financial close all in one solution
API integration to 100s of applications
Consolidation across multiple entities
International currency, FX, and inter-company transfers
Bank reconciliations
Real-time GL entry outlier detections
Handles most B2B billing models, such as usage billing, tiered pricing
Handles complex high ACV invoices across multiple revenue types, such as subscription, SaaS, perpetual licensing, channel revenue, and professional services
Handles MEA
ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliant, allowing for parallel accounting on single performance obligations
Tracks expenses, as well as revenue against a contract
Native custom report writer
Native FP&A tool
Native SaaS metrics dashboard, calculating CLTV, CAC, Churn, CMRR, and other metrics
Real-time reporting on deferred v recognized revenue, across unbilled, billed, and paid
ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliant, allowing for parallel accounting on single performance obligations
Tracks expenses, as well as revenue against a contract
Native custom report writer
Native FP&A tool
Native SaaS metrics dashboard, calculating CLTV, CAC, Churn, CMRR, and other metrics
Real-time reporting on deferred v recognized revenue, across unbilled, billed, and paid

Once upon a time ... Nasuni, the leading provider of Cloud File Services, was planning fund-raising to fuel their incredible growth, ...

and every day ... the finance team had to manually enter orders into Quickbooks, manually do billing, and manually calculate revenue recognition in spreadsheets, ...

until one day ... they had product/market fit, added European entities, wanted to be ASC 606 compliant, and wanted to increase the depth of financial reporting for fundraising,

... and because of that ... they hired a new Controller and Head of Revenue Operations, who chose Sage Intacct, over NetSuite, due to its native integration with, ability to manage subscription Contracts instead of orders, and success in using it at previous companies

... and since that day ...

Integrated Salesforce CPQ with their financial system, synching the item catalog so that billing and revenue recognition are streamlined upon order entry, reducing an order entry process that took 2 days down to 15 minutes Push data from Sage Intacct back into for reporting on ACV and Churn Have the ability to see a customer, and track performance obligations, across the entire subscription, instead of individual orders that needed to be manually tracked previously Able to track usage back to the subscription and built new pricing tiers to match actual usage, bringing maximum value to customers, and avoiding missed billing for overages, Created a financial system of record integrated with Salesforce and Adaptive Insights, ...

until finally ...

Built a new Revenue Operations team to help Sales best plan MEA bundling and discounting to ensure maximum CLTV and revenue Reduced time to invoice to taking 1% as long as it did previously
Expanded to 3 international entities
Became ASC 606 compliant
Cut the close 40% and have a monthly reporting package with trend and revenue analysis to the executive team for data-driven decisions, leading to increasing gross margins 10%
Raised a $25M round of fundraising to invest in growing product lines, customer success, and international expansion
Built the ability to forecast future billings and cash-flow so they accelerated the launch of a new suite of Cloud File Services, that has increased ACV ...
and the moral of the story is ...

“With the integration of Salesforce CPQ and Sage Intacct, we have a complete view of our customer. The biggest benefits have been a clean audit and the ability to report and predict on revenue and our growth.”

- Elizabeth Ingham, Revenue Manager, Nasuni

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