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RapidRatings upgrades its financial management with Sage Intacct

Analytics firm cuts days sales outstanding, speeds monthly close, and achieves a three-month payback using Sage software.

Growth reveals inadequacies of accounting software

The finance team wasted a lot of energy on error-prone, Excel-based workarounds and keeping the company’s Salesforce CRM system up to date. Their QuickBooks software simply wasn’t robust enough to support RapidRatings’ quote-to-cash, invoicing, currency conversion,commissions, or revenue recognition needs amid growth.

Our billing, accounts receivable, and revenue recognition used to be completely manual and time consuming, taking us away from providing strategic analysis to the business.

Elliot Goldman
Finance Director

Saving time and money

The RapidRatings finance team has reviewed their cash-to-order process and realized they can improve subscription invoice creation by extending their use of Sage Intacct to include its contracts billing and revenue management capabilities, and connecting the system with other best-in-class solutions.

Having our entire quote-to-cash process just work with the click of a button in Sage Intacct has been a gigantic time-saver.

Elliot Goldman
Finance Director

Fast answers

Sage Intacct’s dimensions capability provides a flexible financial foundation that adapts to the way the business actually runs. Users simply “tag” transactions with relevant business context,such as department, location, product or project, which makes it easy for RapidRatings to differentiate where costs are going, and get fast answers to a wide range of business questions.

Sage Intacct gives us better visibility into our capital and future cash flow, so we’re able to plan earlier and make big decisions that improve our product suite.

Elliot Goldman
Finance Director

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