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Protecting profits is a journey

Profit protection through digital transformation is a journey, not an initiative that you can complete in one quarter or year. It’s the process of integrating digital technology into every facet of your business operations to optimize productivity, reduce costs, improve field communications, and stay competitive in the marketplace. And each step helps you recover revenue along the way as you work faster with greater precision and better communication. Once you embrace digital transformation, you’ll wonder why you didn’t act sooner.

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Profit protection opportunities exist through your organization. Digital transformation is a journey. Since no one takes it all on at once, you can choose where to go next. No matter the route you take, every step makes a difference.

I’m sick of plunging profits. Our slow, tedious takeoffs produce imprecise bids.

Discover how you can have it all: Promptness, precision, and profitability consistently with every bid.

I’m fed up with losing profits when AP spends half their time chasing sub-contractor confirmations.

Explore how to recapture your financial team’s time, so you can check the numbers to pay with certainty instead of chasing confirmations.

I’m tired of being in the dark about the jobsite. Every day it's missing tools, incomplete change orders, and unclear RFI feedback.

Get jobsite facts in real-time. Be virtually present so you can proactively manage every jobsite every day from your office to maintain margins.

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Bid with precision:
On the money.

Turbo-charge takeoffs and final proposals with Sage Estimating.

Cut estimating time from one week to one day.

Sage Estimating is the most advanced pre-construction bidding solution on the market. It houses trade-specific cost databases that you can pre-populate or customize with unit costs. Either way, you eliminate price variations from different estimators, view historical bid figures on-demand, and remove spreadsheet liabilities like hidden cells and broken formulas. Once approved, your information flows right into your Sage financial management solution.  

Simplify complex bids with eTakeoff Dimension.

Integrate with Sage Estimating to streamline 3-day marathon bidding into half-day estimate sprints.

eTakeoff Dimension uses innovative features to accelerate the estimating process beyond simply taking electronic measurements. From patented symbol searching and AI-powered measurement technology to generating all unit quantities for an entire wall or slab with just one measurement, eTakeoff Dimension simplifies and accelerates even the most complex bids, creating an unbeatable combo with Sage Estimating.

Pay with certainty:
Check, don’t chase.

Store, retrieve, and distribute documents with Sage Paperless Construction

Cut staff time in half by automating document approvals.

Stop wasting time searching for lost paperwork and chasing managers for approvals. Sage Paperless Construction stores, retrieves and distributes your contracts, change orders, plans and drawings, invoices, and more for approvals and processing. Monitor, route, and review documents to fit your company’s specific needs. Start by eliminating one tedious manual process, then add more as you go.

Simplify the sub-contractor AP process with GCPay

Process sub-contractor payments in 4 short hours instead of 4 long days.

Award-winning GCPay allows you to simplify and automate your entire sub-contractor AP process, including processing payments, managing lien waivers, and compiling compliance documents. Join over 80,000 other construction firms in saying goodbye to chasing sub-contracts for proof of commitments, lien waivers, and compliance tracking. GCPay automates the entire process for you, including automatically confirming that billing values never exceed contract amounts.

Be virtually present:
Manage customers and crews using live field facts.

Be virtually present on every jobsite every day with Sage Field Operations

Streamline and standardize PM, Jobsite Super, and GC communications to retain project profitability.

They say you can’t be in two places at once. Until now. Sage Field Operations streamlines and standardizes your Field-to-Office communications so that you’re always in the know about what’s happening on each and every jobsite. Real-time awareness means instant RFI, RFP, and change order updates that your jobsite crew can submit from their mobile device. Controlled labor costs, as field personnel or supers enter, submit, and approve time from the field. And automatic review processes for approvals.

Stop losing tools, keep more revenue with Sage ToolOps powered by ToolWatch®

Motivate field staff to get unused tools and equipment back in circulation to optimize your resources.

Integrate Sage ToolOps directly into your Sage solution so that you can track tools, equipment, and consumables on the fly. Equipment rental fees plummet when you give your field and office staff real-time visibility. Field staff plans more proactively. Superintendents quickly send unused tools back to the warehouse when they realize their jobsite is being charged for the idle equipment. Plus, you can gather much more accurate intel on actual usage, which improves future job costing accuracy.

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