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children's hunger fund - UNITED STATES

Children’s Hunger Fund slices and dices its data with Sage Intacct

The nonprofit organization creates a financial structure to scale, powered by Sage software

Reliance on Excel spreadsheets threatens to undermine organizational growth

As its operations grew in volume and complexity around the world, Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) recognised the need to upgrade to a more sophisticated financial management solution. By the nonprofit’s own admission, it had become over-reliant on massive Excel spreadsheets and was struggling with fragmented, inaccurate information and inefficient manual data entry and reporting.

We chose Sage Intacct for its seamless integration with other business systems and its ability to slice and dice our financial data in so many ways.

Roger Bayramian

Flexible reporting drives transparency for donors

Sage Intacct provides powerful multi-dimensional reporting capabilities that track CHF’s operational and financial metrics by key business drivers. The insights enable CHF to be more strategic in the way it uses its grants – which also translates into being more transparent with donors.

Now we can just run a project report based on the dimensions in Sage Intacct and see an instant snapshot of all the donations.

Roger Bayramian

The end of complex end-of-year reporting

Using Sage Intacct, CHF has condensed its yearly budget process to just six weeks. Without the delay of waiting for complex end-of-year reports to be generated – and in-depth, real-time information on what has been spent and any leftover funding – the team can now expand its programs more quickly.

Instead of pouring our energy into Excel and then relying on guesswork, we can now spend the majority of our time determining our budget approach for the coming year.

Roger Bayramian

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