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diocese of jefferson city - UNITED STATES

Diocese of Jefferson City thankful for Sage Intacct Mateo

The Catholic Church finds some peace of mind in the security of Sage software which also saves the diocese six days of manual work each quarter

Manual tasks and wasted time

The Diocese of Jefferson City’s finance manager’s two biggest frustrations with their existing savings and loans solution was the lack of automation and integration. The double entry was not only taking a significant amount of time but also increased the chances for errors and inefficient reconciliations.

Seamless integration

After thorough research, the Diocese of Jefferson City chose Sage Intacct Mateo for their savings and loans solution. The key feature that ultimately led to their final decision was the full integration between Sage Intacct Mateo and Sage Intacct, making it easy to move from one system to the other

It feels like the same system.

Kathy Smith
Finance Manager

A real difference

The Diocese of Jefferson City Finance Manager’s favorite aspects of the system are the ease of use, integration, reporting capabilities, and peace of mind in knowing that with a cloud-based system, data is always safe and secure. But being able to send statements in a timely manner via email at the touch of a button is the feature that has made the biggest difference.

Now that we are on Sage Intacct Mateo and Sage Intacct, I can actually take a vacation the first few days of the month.

Kathy Smith
Finance Manager