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Access to real-time data helps distributor scale its operations

HJS Packaging & Distribution - United States

Sage Data & Analytics provides HJS Packaging & Distribution with actionable, decision-making data.

Global expansion requires better insight

The business was about to get much more complicated as HJS looked to expand beyond its U.S. borders. To scale effectively, the company needed advanced capabilities and broader and deeper visibility into the financial and operational aspects of the company. Cloud-based add-on Sage Data & Analytics was recommended to complement the firm’s existing Sage 100 ERP software.
Dean Beck

We had dashboards and reports within five minutes of the Sage Data & Analytics installation. Literally, we just switched it on and had data we could use.

Dean Beck

Improved financial reporting

HJS has only been using Sage Data & Analytics for a few short months, but the company is already seeing a return on its investment. It has cut its financial reporting time in half, but says that’s not even the biggest benefit—the biggest benefit is the speed with which it can disseminate decision-making data, making its management meetings more productive.
Dean Beck

With Sage Data & Analytics we can quickly identify cost anomalies, trends, or potential issues with a warehouse or vendor before it's too late to take corrective action.

Dean Beck

Hunches replaced by facts

Sage Data & Analytics gives HJS a sightline into the business it never had before. “For example, we can review profitability by warehouse, by customer, and by product line,” says Dean. “That visibility was invaluable during the pandemic, as supply chains everywhere were interrupted and we had to make strategic decisions about which orders to fill and when.”
Dean Beck

Previously, we were running the company based on our experience and hunches; now we run it on real-time facts, making smarter, faster and more strategic decisions.

Dean Beck

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