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Healthcare manufacturer Kobayashi expands its manufacturing processes

Kobayashi Healthcare International - United States

A supplier of air-activated heat packs, Kobayashi manufactures and distributes over-the-counter personal care products to retailers for end consumers. It relies on Sage X3.

The complexity of managing multiple brands

Streamlining the supply chain was a top priority for Kobayashi. When the existing warehouse management solution failed and other manual processes began sending shipments with incorrect quantities and products to the wrong stores, the over-extended manufacturer knew it was time to bring its processes into a single system.

We have a lot of different brands and do an M&A every few years. Consolidating it was all a nightmare.

Kory Keenan
IT Manager

Restructured business processes

Kobayashi implemented Sage Business Cloud X3 in 2016. Management knew they needed to perform multi-dimensional accounting for their different brands.

Sage Business Cloud X3 takes it from the point of purchase to distribution, to billing, to accounts payable in a single platform.

Kory Keenan
IT Manager

Sales up by almost 20 %

By solving manual processing issues using Sage X3, Kobayashi increased productivity. Now, sales are 10 to 20% over forecasts, even in the slowest months.

We’ve grown to about $100 million in the United States now, and $1.4 billion globally in sales.

Kory Keenan
IT Manager

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