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Komet Sales brings color to its finances with Sage Intacct

Software-as-a-service provider for the floral industry drives business forward using Sage software

Basic accounting software lacks ability to provide forward-looking insights

Komet Sales was using QuickBooks software but had recognized that it lacked the financial controls, reporting, and automation the expanding business needed. To get a more accurate, useful understanding of the company’s data, a system upgrade was required.

As we grow our SaaS offering, one of our strategies is to automate as much of our back office as possible in the cloud.

Alejandro Perez

Uncovering brand new insights

With the help of Sage Intacct, Komet Sales has immediately uncovered brand new insights that are available in real-time versus after-the-fact. By pulling operational data into the new system, the company can effortlessly track a variety of non-revenue metrics to help drive better, faster business decision-making.

Sage Intacct’s dashboards, report writer, dimensions, and statistical capabilities are just phenomenal.

Alejandro Perez

Automation leads to supercharged productivity

Thanks to Sage Intacct’s seamless integration with Salesforce, Komet Sales’ entire quote-to-cash process is streamlined. As new customers or orders are added to the CRM system, they are instantaneously synced with Sage Intacct for recording and reporting.

Sage Intacct is literally transforming our business, shifting accounting from being backwards looking into something we’re proactively using to drive decisions.

Alejandro Perez

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