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koret foundation - UNITED STATES

Koret Foundation uses Sage Intacct to support more effective decision making

The foundation, which supports the San Francisco bay area and the Jewish community, gains new financial insights with Sage Intacct

Rebuilding financial management from the ground-up

Koret Foundation’s new CFO recognized the need to move from manual, paper-based processes to a cloud-based platform. This meant rebuilding the foundation's financial management from the ground-up to increase transparency and operational efficiencies.

I was really impressed with Sage Intacct’s cloud capabilities, frequent seamless updates, and overall people-first approach.

Marlena Wong
Chief Financial Officer

Faster monthly close

Koret’s finance team is enjoying a dramatic boost in productivity by deploying Sage Intacct. Having integrated the system with complementary software, the team is seeing a 75% faster monthly close – from 45 days down to 10 – once investment data becomes available.

Having increased efficiencies in the accounting function, I am now able to spend more time on other operational and business strategies.

Marlena Wong
Chief Financial Officer

Proactive decision making

Sage Intacct delivers helpful insights to enable more effective decision-making through fast and easy reporting. Koret’s new grant management system flows right into Sage Intacct, so the organization can monitor its grant obligations, control expenses, and report to the board at any time.

Our finance and programs teams have never worked so collaboratively before, and this is even reflected in how we work with our auditors and other software vendors.

Marlena Wong
Chief Financial Officer

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