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Meals on Wheels America cures its hunger for financial visibility with Sage Intacct

Nutrition nonprofit uses Sage Intacct to get all the information it needs to manage the organization effectively

Keeping pace with an aging population

Meals on Wheels America continually needs to meet the increasing demands of a rapidly growing senior population. With its QuickBooks and Excel system unsuitable for the demands that were being placed on it, the nonprofit sought modern financial management to keep pace.

We looked at almost everything under the sun, and for us Sage Intacct provided the best combination of powerful functionality and user-friendliness.

Don Miller
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Move away from siloed systems brings real-time visibility

Sage Intacct is proving to be the ideal solution for financials, reporting, time and expense, and especially grants from corporate, philanthropic and federal funders. For the first time, Meals on Wheels America has real-time visibility into expenses booked against a particular grant. The organization now has ‘one source of financial truth’.

We’re now course correcting all the time and we’re only able to do that because of the fact we’re on Sage Intacct.

Don Miller
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Minds on the mission

Greater speed and visibility are vital amid rapid growth for Meals on Wheels America. Thanks to Sage Intacct, the nonprofit is able to channel resources into fulfilling its social mission of bettering the lives of millions of seniors in need, even in the face of funding uncertainties.

Sage Intacct has supported our growth by easily scaling, without forcing us to add headcount.

Don Miller
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

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