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Nasuni sends gross margins sky-high with Sage Intacct

The provider of cloud file services has accelerated growth and increased overall financial productivity since implementing Sage software

New investment hinges on financial software

To secure more venture capital, Nasuni needed to replace its QuickBooks accounting software with a modern financial system that could support ASC 606 compliant revenue recognition, global consolidations, and timelier month-end reporting.

Sage Intacct’s massive improvements helped us achieve ASC 606 compliance, something we couldn’t have done with QuickBooks.

Elizabeth Ingham
Revenue Manager

Automation makes for faster, cleaner audits

Nasuni is leveraging Sage Intacct’s automation to shorten their monthly close by 40%, quickly spin up to two new international entities, increase finance productivity more than 25%, and streamline audits. This has allowed them to shift their focus away from bookkeeping towards long-term planning.

As an accountant in my heart, I’d say the biggest benefit of Sage Intacct is a cleaner, faster audit.

Elizabeth Ingham
Revenue Manager

The sky’s the limit

The financial and operational visibility through Sage Intacct helped the business drive three major accomplishments - it raised $25m, boosted annual contract values, and improved gross margins 10%. Meanwhile, the software’s reporting and trending analysis give Nasuni’s leaders more reliable information from which to predict growth.

With the seamless connection between Salesforce and Sage Intacct, we finally have a complete view of our customer.

Elizabeth Ingham
Revenue Manager

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