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Ohio Transit Risk Pool streamlines HR with cloud software

Ohio Transit Risk Pool - United States

User-friendly Sage HR gets Ohio Transit Risk Pool to the right place.

No dedicated HR solution

Ohio Transit Risk Pool (OTRP) needed an HR platform that could manage the HR information and data for eight staff members in the cloud. Working from Excel files made their work difficult to control and manage.

Managing people data in spreadsheets wasn't sustainable long term so we needed a better solution.

Barbara Rhoades

Full HR functionality as standard

With a core set of features that come as standard – including HR analytics, an employee database, on-boarding and off-boarding, and custom reports – Sage HR had all the functionality that OTRP needed.

Sage HR has enabled us to take our HR files out of Excel and into the cloud.

Barbara Rhoades

Faster, easier, and more efficient

Before implementing Sage HR, member records and key documents were stored in multiple files and folders, making it tedious and time-consuming to track anything down. Using Sage HR has helped increase efficiency and given staff peace of mind.

We rely on Sage HR every day to see who is working and where, to upload and process expense receipts, and generally to streamline the entire HR process.

Barbara Rhoades

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