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OneTable Restaurant Brands gets more than its five a day with Sage Intacct

Revolutionary restaurant slashes accounting overheads by 20% amidst 90% growth since implementing Sage financial management solution.

Getting ahead of growth with scalable financial management

With an ambitious goal to reach $100m in revenue by doubling its number of restaurant locations every few years, the OneTable finance team knew they needed a financial management solution that could deliver greater visibility into performance across locations and seamlessly integrate with other applications. It’s legacy, on-premises accounting software was slowing it down.

The beauty [of Sage Intacct] is its flexibility to fit any business’ custom needs and provide automation that lets accounting departments thrive.

Sean Skuro

Boosting back-office bandwidth with a trusted single system of truth

Sage Intacct has become the nucleus of OneTable's entire technology stack and although the restaurant has grown its footprint by 90% and doubled transactions, the team has reduced headcount by 1.5 full-time employees. Furthermore, accounting overheads —including salary and system costs—have dropped from 0.94% to just 0.74% of sales—well below the industry’s average.

We’re doing more with less people, and we have more controls and processes in place with Sage Intacct. It’s astronomical how much this potentially saves us.

Sean Skuro

Valuable insights help reduce costs and increase profitability

Sage Intacct consulting partner SC&H Group helped build a robust hospitality reporting suite for OneTable, giving executives real-time visibility into critical business metrics. With accurate data constantly flowing into Sage Intacct, it provides an effective way to monitor labor and food costs, and allows real-time monitoring to spot trends and make operational decisions.

Financial literacy is really important at OneTable, and the level of visibility we have through Sage Intacct plays a big role.

Sean Skuro

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