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the oxford collection - UNITED STATES

The Oxford Collection now has room to grow with Sage Intacct

Boutique hotel chain gains agility, financial insights, and strengthened collaboration with 20-minute monthly forecasts using Sage software.

Manual data entry makes for human error

The Oxford Collection, a family-owned chain of boutique hotels, offers guests a premium experience across 16 unique properties in Oregon. Yet experiences in budgeting and accounting were less than premium. Budgets for each property were managed in 17-tab Excel spreadsheets, each with up to 500 rows and 30 columns.

We had multiple people entering data, so it was easy for human errors to happen. If we found a mistake in a formula, we’d have to fix it 16 times.

Megan Walker
VP of Accounting and Finance

Getting rid of some of the administrative baggage

In the past, Excel-based monthly forecasts required manual entry of actuals once a month,resulting in a lack of real-time data insights. With Sage Intacct Planning, Oxford Collection’s monthly forecasts reflect current data, accessible to stakeholders via dashboards. As a result, Oxford Collection has eliminated 20 hours a week of budget-related work.

Monthly forecasts now take 20 to 25 minutes to create and share with our general managers.

Megan Walker
VP of Accounting and Finance

Checking-in to a more strategic approach

Visibility for data-driven business decisions is the biggest impact of Oxford Collection’s move to Sage Intacct. Oxford Collection is now using insights to benchmark property performance, identify best practices for profitability, and share them across hotels. The business also benefits from a more collaborative culture, vs. a top-down approach before.

We’ve become a more strategic partner to the business through the visibility and automation we’ve gained through Sage Intacct.

Megan Walker
VP of Accounting and Finance

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