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pathway lending - UNITED STATES

Pathway Lending charts a new course with Sage Intacct

Nonprofit economic development agency is empowered to pursue strategic growth using Sage Intacct, as leaders have complete access to financial insights.

Lack of financial insights

Pathway Lending’s existing accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon), did not allow them to access financial insights, or present reports the way they wanted. The software also did not include dashboards. As a result, it was “cumbersome” to capture and present the information needed to bill across 10 to 12 different educational grants.

I had to manipulate the reports that came from it in an Excel spreadsheet in order to make them presentable to the board. You shouldn’t have to do that.

Barbara Harris

Real-time information required

Pathway Lending requested a solution that would enable it to see real-time financial information as well as statistical metrics about the organization’s mission, such as how many loans originated, the total amount of loans, the number of clients served, and the number of hours of educational services delivered.

Sage Intacct was so strong, and I was able to create the dashboards, which was what the CEO wanted badly.

Barbara Harris

User-friendly reporting

Pathway Lending makes extensive use of Sage Intacct dashboards to provide real-time financial and statistical information to all its employees and executives. User-friendly reporting and dashboards made it easy for Pathway Lending to get an accurate, up-to-date view into financial management.

Sage Intacct frees me up to be a better partner to the C-Suite. I’m able to get into analysis for strategic planning.

Barbara Harris

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