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powells city of books - UNITED STATES

Powell's City of Books turns the page on its financial management with Sage Intacct

Independent bookseller shortened the monthly close, saved hours on reconciliations and reporting, and improved margins with Sage software

Old software makes bookwork heavy going

Powell’s Books is one of the largest independent bookstores in the world, with an inventory of two million books across five locations. However, it was relying on old accounting software that had limited reporting capabilities and couldn’t separate out individual stores to produce a full profit and loss statement for each location.

We chose Sage Intacct because it has the flexibility to seamlessly connect to the inventory platform, which is a big piece of our puzzle.

Kim Wegener
Director of Finance

From manual to automated financial processes

Since implementing Sage Intacct, Powell’s finance team has eliminated much of their cumbersome data entry and Excel or paper-based work. They appreciate the system’s more intuitive workflows for tasks, which is saving them days every month.

Having our inventory entries and adjustments entered automatically will certainly add to our productivity.

Kim Wegener
Director of Finance

Magnifying the key facts

Powell’s finance team uses Sage Intacct to slice and dice financial data by vendors, vendor types, customer types, sales channels, store locations, and more. As a result, they understand the company’s revenue and expenses at a more granular level.

Sage Intacct has freed me up to look holistically at the business rather than just focusing on getting accounting tasks done.

Kim Wegener
Director of Finance

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