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Room to Read turns a new page on its financial management with Sage Intacct

Nonprofit uses Sage software to build the financial infrastructure to support its rapid expansion

Growth forces nonprofit to switch-up its financial software

Room to Read hired a new CFO and decided to replace its server-based general ledger system (Epicor) with a more robust financial infrastructure to support increasing complexities and long-term growth. It went in search of a new cloud-based system that could offer global support for accounting and finance staff around the world.

Our financial information simply wasn’t granular enough to add meaningful insights like cost per activity or investment per child.

Shari Freedman

More value-added analysis

This transition to Sage Intacct has eliminated massive Excel spreadsheets and hours of manual, duplicate data entry, both at the Room to Read’s headquarters and in field offices around the world. As a result, Sage Intacct has dramatically reduced the work needed to close the books in each country, freeing up teams for more value-added analysis.

Thanks to Sage Intacct’s dimensions, we can now drill as deep as we need to, even down to the costs of a single library in a certain village.

Shari Freedman

Optimizing its impact

Room to Read’s finance team pulls statistical program outcomes from Salesforce, combines that with financial data from Sage Intacct, and brings it all together in Adaptive Insights for highly collaborative and transparent planning. Room to Read relies on this visibility to support data-driven performance management and find areas where it can better optimize its impact.

With Sage Intacct, we can accurately report back the specific cost associated with each programmatic component, as well as the program’s impact to date.

Shari Freedman

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