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spendthrift farm - UNITED STATES

Spendthrift Farm races into the future with Sage Intacct

Thoroughbred operation reduced time required for consolidated financial reports by 50% and revamped the 20,000-item chart of accounts using Sage software

Disparate data streams

Spendthrift Farm’s previous accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP, wasn't handling the challenges of being an international organization well. As an on-premises, server-based software, it was installed on farm servers in the U.S. and Australia. It was proving quite cumbersome to pull the data from the different farms.

To access my accountant’s information in Australia I had to log in to his computer and remote server. That was difficult, given the time differences.

Christi Conner

Information anytime, anywhere

Spendthrift Farm is much better served by having a cloud-based financial management solution in Sage Intacct that enables financial employees and managers to logon and access information whether they are at home or at the farm, in the U.S. or Australia.

One of my favorite things about Sage Intacct is the accessibility of all of my companies.

Christi Conner

Faster decision-making

The more flexible chart of accounts in Sage Intacct, combined with its real-time data and better reporting functionality, enabled Spendthrift Farm to complete reporting much quicker each month, as well as deliver better information to management. The time saved allows finance to focus more energy on higher-level tasks that support management.

Switching to Sage Intacct has allowed us to provide real-time information to management, so they can make decisions immediately.

Christi Conner

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