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stonestreet throughbred holdings - UNITED STATES

Sage Intacct is strong pedigree for Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holding

Equine breeding, training and racing operation reduces month end close and improves efficiencies with cloud financial management from Sage

Clunky work-around not getting Stonestreet over the finishing line

Stonestreet had created a quasi-cloud solution by installing Great Plains on Amazon Web Services to link with its existing ERP system. While this gave employees remote access, the software was still “clunky and slow” and managers still had to physically come to site to approve payables. The firm needed a system that was truly cloud-based and could handle multi-entity reporting.

Our month-end close packet was a 28-tab Excel spreadsheet. It took 10 working days to close our books and get a financial packet to our CEO.

Dara Purcell

Removal of complexity improves efficiency

Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional general ledger has eliminated complexity and confusion for Stonestreet, while offering more flexibility for financial reporting. The software has reduced the 10,000 account numbers in Microsoft Dynamics GP down to just 300 natural accounts with dimensions, and month end close has been reduced from 10 business days to only four.

I’ve had managers thank me for implementing these solutions because it makes a huge difference in the amount of work they get done in a day.

Dara Purcell

Improved top-level visibility through custom dashboards

Dara has built each manager a personalized dashboard displaying their budget-to-actual or department-specific reports. Real-time information from appears in the Sage Intacct dashboard so they know how much they have spent on a project or event. The owner and CEO now has data that helps them make decisions on location at yearling sales.

I’ve built our CEO seven custom dashboards. One shows how much bloodstock insurance we have, our cash balance, our AP, and AR; it’s a snapshot of day-to-day operations.

Dara Purcell

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