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Talix ensures its finances are in rude health with Sage Intacct

This fast-growing healthcare IT company uses Sage software to scale the business while managing to maintain a lean finance team

Maintaining visibility as the business grows

A fast-growth SaaS vendor, Talix required a modern financial solution that was a match for its own offering - able to set up the finance team to achieve huge gains in scale, speed, accuracy, and insights.

Using Excel spreadsheets, especially if you have multiple revenue components, is hours of work and it’s very easy to make mistakes.

Ashmi Shah
SVP Finance

Digging deeper into the numbers

Sage Intacct is proving to be the ideal solution to meet Talix’s three key goals: 1) Deep reporting to support data-driven decisions 2) tracking profitability and other key metrics at highly granular line
of business and product levels and 3) streamlining multi-element revenue recognition and other aspects of accounting.

I love how Sage Intacct dimensions give us the granularity to track revenue and expenses in many different ways, which lets us understand profitability.

Ashmi Shah
SVP Finance

Data-backed business growth

Highly granular data in Sage Intacct provides depth and flexibility for Talix to build out five-year “ground up” forecasts based on customer success, sales, product, and other drivers. Even as Talix delves deeply into financial data to help drive business growth, it’s maintained a lean three-person finance team.

I can integrate our Sage Intacct actuals into Adaptive Insights in less than half a day, and it’s very granular.

Ashmi Shah
SVP Finance