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Senior living facilities finds a new way to grow with Sage 100cloud

The Arbor Company - United States

Atlanta-based Arbor Company uses Sage to streamline its processes and double in size.

Disconnected accounting and payroll systems

Arbor Company is an Atlanta-based operator of more than 40 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities in the senior living industry. Accounting and financial reporting inefficiencies placed heavy strains on the accounting team, forcing Arbor to search for a solution.

Everything from intercompany transactions to posting of payroll to billing was a manual process. It made the accountants miserable.

Andy Litton

Hours of work, saved

Arbor enlisted the support of partner Emerald TC as advisors. “They had 8 companies that they were processing separately,” says Emerald TC owner Cherry Williamson. “It was very time consuming and not scalable for growth. We listened to the issues and identified the solutions that would streamline the business’ processes, scale for growth, and save time.”

Given the size and the revenues of our company, and the cost to implement Sage, the return on investment is exponential.

Andy Litton

An exponential return-on-investment

At Arbor, the last five years have been filled with growth, a welcome benefit from moving to Sage. For the moment, Arbor plans to enjoy its recent success while focusing on refining processes within its existing framework to continue to grow in the immediate future.

Sage 100cloud has allowed us to grow from 19 communities to 44 in just the five years that I’ve been here.

Andy Litton

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