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Vitamin Angels supplements its financial management with Sage Intacct

The public health nonprofit scales its mission using Sage software, opening up new avenues of long-term funding through increased confidence in the figures

Manual processes restrict growth

Vitamin Angels had grown rapidly in the last five years but was still using Intuit QuickBooks and many manual, paper-based processes to manage its finances. However, the cumbersome nature of the system led the organization to avoid restricted grant opportunities because the administrative burden was too great.

Before, whenever we got a donation, we’d manually enter it into Salesforce and then again into QuickBooks. It was a very tedious process with a lot of room for error.

Bonnie Forssell

Efficiency and revenue gains

Vitamin Angles chose Sage Intacct for its ability to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, along with a first-class user interface and flexible reporting capabilities. The team not only improved accounts payables efficiency by 60% and eliminated accounts receivables and revenue data entry, but also helped increase restricted revenue by $14 million dollars over three years.

We went from managing them in a cumbersome spreadsheet to just a few clicks with Sage Intacct.

Bonnie Forssell

Informing the next steps

With Sage Intacct, the finance team can keep pace with Vitamin Angels’ rapid growth while also building the confidence of major donors to open up new avenues of long-term funding. With better financial visibility, the team can shift their mindset toward investments that will have a bigger impact and return on mission over the long term.

Because we’re more efficient now with our use of technology, we’re emboldened to seek new opportunities for growth through restricted funding.

Bonnie Forssell

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