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Sage HR updates


26 January

Multi-week working pattern

Multi-week working pattern functionality has now been introduced in Core HR & Timesheets. Read more.
12 January

Training expiration dates

An 'expiration date' can be now assigned to training based on the completion date. The expiration date will also be reflected on the employee's profile next to the training, and a new recipe will allow reminders to be created for training that expires soon. Read more.

Time off visibility for admins

Provide better visibility to admins when an employee is currently on holiday in their employee profile and Time Off History screen.

Selectable working patterns

It is now possible to select a working pattern during the creation of an employee profile in Leave Management.

5-minute shift breaks

In Shift Scheduling, it is now possible to input shift breaks in 5-minute increments.


20 December

Custom Working Patterns

Employee’s allowance is recalculated when Custom Working Patterns are added to their regular working patterns. Any existing time off is also recalculated based on the Custom Working Patterns.

Improvements to the Training Events interface

There has been a redesign of the Training Events interface on the Training section on the employee profile to improve the overall user experience.

15 December

Improvements in the calendar on the iOS mobile app

You can now see when colleagues are out of the office on the calendar screen.

2 December

Accessing documents on the mobile app

You can access your documents on your phone with the Sage HR mobile app. If you need to access any documents you have uploaded, or had assigned to you, you can now view these on the Sage HR mobile app. Read more.

1 December

New Leave Management report

A new Leave Management report has been created so you can now see where employees have repeatedly logged certain types of leave after a weekend or a public holiday, or repeated instances in an 8-week period.

19 October

Link goals with different time periods

Whether you want to link a goal to different quarters, years, or custom date ranges, it’s now simple with Sage HR.

  • Link annual goals to next year’s goals
  • Link personal goals to team goals in specific time periods
8 September

Get employee feedback with Pulse surveys

Use short, automated surveys to gather employee feedback. These are available alongside engagement surveys to make tracking progress on your initiatives simple. Pulse surveys are 100% anonymous so your employees can share honest feedback.  

25 August

Add the finer project details

Update your projects to include a description, information on budget, and notes to stay on top of all of your tasks.

28 June

View and update timesheets on the mobile app

Now users can keep records of their worked hours even more easily: 

  • See details of specific timesheet periods 
  • Update and add hours 
  • Submit or cancel hours 

5 May

New branding gives Sage HR a refreshed new look

To celebrate the launch of our new exciting rebrand, we updated Sage HR to bring the look and feel of this software in line with our new guidelines. Updates to the iOS and Android mobile apps have also been implemented including changes to colours, our logo, images and overall design. We really hope you like what you see – there is much more to come!

5 April

'Add new goal' modal enhancements

Setting goals for your employees is simple with enhancements to the goals module. The creation of the goals modal was one of the main challenges for our users, so we have made it easier to create and set goals within all tabs. By default, admins and goals group managers can view and create goals in the following tabs:

  • Employee goals
  • Personal goals
  • Team goals
  • Company goals
  • All goals

You can create these by clicking Goals > Add goal. Simply add in the goal information and move to the next step of assigning the goal to an employee so that they can work towards these targets.

9 February

Improved capabilities to sign documents in app

We have made it simpler to sign shared documents from the documents tab using eSignature. To sign the document, click on the area and draw your signature. Alternatively, you can upload an image of your signature from your computer or if you prefer, you can just type in your name. Make getting important documents signed quicker and easier.

7 February

Working patterns are now part of Core HR and available to all users

This means you can set up working patterns, assign them to your employees and use them to differentiate full-time employees from other types, even if you don’t have the Timesheets module. And there’s more to come – we’ll shortly be introducing updates that will allow working patterns to integrate with time-off policies.


6 December

A new look and feel for email templates

We’ve revamped email templates and welcome emails within Sage HR to bring you a new, modern, professional look. Customise your view by setting the new templates to light or dark mode.

6 December

Making it easier for you to give us feedback

Got suggestions about the product? Now you can provide feedback directly from the Sage HR iOS app. Your feedback will go straight to the product team so they can review requests and put suggestions into action.


6 December

Taking surveys to the next level

We’ve added star ratings to surveys alongside written comments so that it’s even easier to indicate preferences.


25 November

Sage AI Labs is working on absence forecasting

Testing is about to begin for our new tool that uses AI and machine learning to forecast absence. Designed to help you plan ahead and stay productive, this tool will be available in the future as a special feature of Leave Management.

25 November

Create automated rules for child benefits

Now you can set up rules on child benefits so that employees receive emails automatically.

25 November 2021

Get swiping on the Android app

We’ve introduced swipe behaviour to the Sage HR Android app. Swipe tasks like approving expenses and time off to quickly choose which information you need.

25 October

A new look for Sage HR

Easier to use and with more intuitive navigation, Sage HR now has a new and improved design.

25 October

Introducing Open Shifts for self-serve scheduling

With our new Open Shifts feature, you can empower employees with self-service and help schedule managers to free up time.

  • Schedule managers can create open slots that employees can claim according to their availability to fill the roles and workload needed for the day
  • Employees can pick up shifts and build their own schedule
19 October

Employee Engagement Surveys just got easier to use

  • Use simple templates to get started
  • Personalise your survey when editing a template
  • Calculate engagement based on best practices
  • Get an improved visualisation of data from finalised surveys

10 August

The iOS mobile calendar is here

Now iOS app users can view time off records, shifts, public holidays – and it can all be accessed through Workspace.

13 July

Project-based timesheets are available for all

All new customers who want to use timesheets can add new projects and log the time against the project’s activities. Available with the Timesheets module.

13 July

New role-based feedback functionality

We’ve updated the UI for feedback creation to make it even more intuitive. And now, users can choose who will review and provide feedback based on their roles, from managers and direct reports to team peers.
13 July

Sage 50 payslips have been updated in the mobile app

With in-product navigation that gives new charts in the header and an explanation of deductions, managing payslips has never been easier.
9 July

Timesheet exports made easy for employees

We’ve added a new setting to allow admins to give permissions to employees so that they can export their own timesheet reports.

9 July

Security improvements to keep documents safe

We’ve enhanced the security around signable documents.
9 July

Sage products see inclusivity enhancements

We’ve reviewed the content within our products to maintain gender neutrality throughout. And we’ve added the "Mx" title option in employee profiles.
21 May

We’ve added projects and work packages to the Timesheets module

Projects and work packages can now be set up in the Timesheets module.

  • Employees can log time against different tasks they perform during their workdays and submit their timesheets for approval
  • Project managers will receive notifications to review their project's timesheets
  • A handy new report makes it easy to see how much time has been invested in the different projects

21 May

New iOS mobile functionality for Sage HR

Now you can receive push notifications about expenses and time off to stay up to date with your finances.

29 April

Sage HR iOS and Android apps are available for download

Available in Google Play and the App Store, our app transforms the experience of Sage HR with the ability to request time off, submit expenses, view the history, and more.

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