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Sage Intacct Platform Services


Platform Services are a springboard to solutions precisely tuned to match individual business requirements to help organisations grow fast.

Automation and productivity


Pull together and display all the objects and menus that make up your unique solution.


Field display instructions, actions, relationships, workflows, templates, data maps, and menus that relate to data.


Define object interaction within the objects themselves with a few clicks.

Page customisation

Add HTML, JavaScript and AJAX elements using internal API requests and jQuery elements.


Automated behaviour turns a data set into an application.


Create your own workflows to process records. Set actions, statuses, and multiple workflow paths.


Share output from functions.  Platform Services provides you with HTML and XML document template and e-mail template capabilities.

Data maps

Stored data maps allow users to quickly and accurately import data into custom objects.


Share and update objects through external sites. You can also manage user access to portal pages.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to standard objects capturing additional information specific to your business.

Custom tabs

Add custom tabs to standard application objects, organising related object information for easy consumption.

Smart rules

Create data validation rules on fields in standard objects to ensure compliance with company policy and data integrity.

Smart events

Embed actions into standard objects to automate field updates, communicate changes by email, or initiate external API calls.

Smart links

Allow users to easily click to outside sites or display information from outside sites on Sage Intacct dashboards and pages.

Custom reports

Create reports on standard and custom object data to provide greater visibility into your customers’ unique business interests.

Platform services helps accelerate customisation

Today’s businesses require infrastructure solutions to give them an extra edge over the competition, be that in efficiency and cost savings, or by allowing them to make better decisions. Sage Intacct Platform Services is your ticket to making user expectations a reality.

Map and manage solutions with ease

Rather than building procedural programs and writing miles of code, Platform Services offers you an elegant object-centred solution. If you have any background in database development, you will quickly recognise the structures that drive Platform Services solutions. By centring all your actions and workflows around objects and related objects, you can build cohesive solutions that are easy to map and easy to manage.

Trustworthy platform infrastructure

Vital questions about any cloud-based system revolve around stability and security. The problems you might struggle to overcome in a stand-alone system - such as caching, error handling, permissions, and encryption protocol - are seamlessly built into custom platform solutions without any coding on your part.

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