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Could you save more time with automation?

Accountancy Practice ROI calculator

There’s an easy way to find out if you can save time and money, even with MTD for ITSA on the horizon. Use our ROI calculator to discover how to become a more profitable and productive practice.

How the ROI calculator works

The ROI calculator is a handy tool that calculates your digital score – a percentage based on how efficiently you’re working now. This takes into consideration how many clients you have, the services you provide, and the tools you use to deliver your services. Crunch the numbers to learn more about automation for accountants:

Discover your digital score

Learn how productive your practice is today.

Uncover the impact of MTD

See how MTD for ITSA could impact your workload.

Learn how to save time and money

See what your ROI could be by adding digitalisation.

3 steps to boost your digital score

Step 1

Complete the ROI calculator

Learn how much time, money, and resources you could save by automating admin and digitising files.
Step 2

Talk to an expert

Once you've completed the ROI calculator, you can book in a free consultation with an expert to talk through your results.
Step 3

Get MTD for ITSA ready

Sign up to Sage for Accountants free to get MTD for ITSA sorted and to start boosting your digital score.

Accounting automation and digitalisation FAQs

If you’re using spreadsheets, manual data entry, or multiple tools that don’t connect to manage your work, there are two ways you can boost productivity and reduce your workload.

Digitise your practice: By converting physical files into digital ones, you can access all your data online in one place so it’s much easier to submit returns, manage clients, and meet upcoming regulations like MTD for ITSA.

Automate your workload: Use software to automate manual tasks and save time. Go from typing out receipts to snapping a photo which automatically uploads and populates your online system. Instead of manually matching data between financial records and bank statements, set up your system to do it automatically. Automation (also known as digitalisation) is a great way to reduce your workload.

Complete our ROI calculator to find out how much time and money you can save with automation and digitisation.

In 2024, HMRC’s MTD for ITSA regulations are coming into action. This means that you will need to submit quarterly tax returns for your practice and your clients. Although this may create a workload increase for accountants and bookkeepers, you can use platforms like Sage for Accountants to save time by managing all data for returns in one place and easily submit tax returns each month.

Platforms like Sage for Accountants enable you to improve your digital score through:

Digitisation: Convert your manual files into ones that you can manage online and from one place so that it’s easy to access the data you need for data submission.

Automation: Save valuable time and money with automation at every step of your workload from data capture to tax submission.

Unified data: With one platform to manage bookkeeping for your practice and your clients you can work quickly and easily.

Go digital with Sage for Accountants

You’ve seen the savings you could get with a higher digital score. Explore digitalisation of accounting with Sage for Accountants to automate your work, stay MTD compliant, and get exclusive free support.

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