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Free e-book: Get Self Assessment right each time

Need support sorting and filing your Self Assessment tax return ahead of the 31 January deadline? This free e-book will help you.

Need help sorting and filing your Self Assessment tax return ahead of the 31 January deadline?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Get Self Assessment right each time is a free e-book where Sage experts answer real-life questions about completing tax returns and dealing with other aspects of income tax.

These queries came from sole traders, landlords, property owners, company directors, investors, and others.

The answers provide a valuable education in the important everyday details of being self-employed and dealing with
income tax.

Look out for details on registering for Self Assessment, considering allowable expenses, and filing your tax return.

Here are some of the topics we cover in the e-book:

  • Property income
  • Foreign income
  • Making Tax Digital
  • Registration and first Self Assessment
  • Payments on account
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Self-employment and PAYE
  • Pensions
  • Capital allowance
  • Capital gains
  • Limited companies.

Here’s some of the questions that are answered in the e-book

“Is payment on account mandatory or can I pay in full on 31 January?”

“If I receive a pension on top of my self-employment income, is it my responsibility to declare it as part of my Self Assessment or is it my pension provider’s responsibility to tax me?”

“What’s a self-employed capital allowance?”

“I am a PAYE employee but also have income from self-employment. Do I have to pay NI on my self-employment income or will it be just income tax?”

Final thoughts

So if it’s the first time you’re filing a Self Assessment tax return, or you’ve done it before but your circumstances have changed and you have a new requirement to fulfil, or you just need a refresher on tax returns, Get Self Assessment right each time will help you along the way.

Download it today and get your tax return sorted by the 31 January deadline.