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At Sage, colleagues lean in. They lean into crafting products with care because they know it helps small and medium-sized businesses thrive. They’re advocates for fostering an inclusive workplace and community because it’s the right thing to do. And they lead with ambition, trusting us to remove friction so they can be extraordinary.

We’re a package deal

We break down barriers for everyone to thrive, not just in the workplace, but at home too. 

Sage Foundation

Starting on day one, colleagues are given five paid days yearly to take time off to volunteer for causes they care about. From skill-based support to manual labour, we actively encourage them to give back to their community.

Flexible work

In addition to day-to-day flex through hybrid work, colleagues can also opt to work away for up to 10-weeks from of over 40 counties empowering them to see the world while they work.


We’re all human, and the ups and downs of life impact how we feel. To support our colleagues to feel their best, we offer tools, resources and perks including a free Calm app subscription, employee assistance program and a global network of healthy mind coaches.

Family support

Our benefits package aims to provide current and future caregivers with peace of mind. All colleagues get end-to-end support for working families and caregivers.

Financial rewards

In addition to fair, market-competitive compensation, we also offer bonus potential, discounted Sage Share options and a global recognition reward programme so feeling appreciated comes from more than one angle.

Social impact

All colleagues are invited to join colleague-led support groups, called Colleague Success Networks. We also offer tech for good programmes and Kiva credit to lend to entrepreneurs around the world.

Hear from Jenny

"At Sage, one of the things I’m most proud about is our listening strategy, and it starts with the candidate experience and goes all the way through to our alumni."

Senior Director of Culture
Engagement and Colleague Experience

Internal survey results

Every six months, colleagues let us know what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Sure, this isn’t uncommon, but it’s what we do with the results that sets us apart. With each survey, we define clear goals for improvement. Here are a few areas we’re proud of.


Response rate from
11,000+ people

9 in 10

Feel free to speak their mind


Feel supported


Feel they have work-life balance

Come as you are

We celebrate uniqueness. Not with a social media post here and there, but with real, meaningful outlets for colleagues to be themselves. Our goal is to build a culture of inclusivity for over 11,000 colleagues globally, diligently developing a workplace people deserve to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Go where ambitions flow

photo of three Sage colleagues on the rooftop of Sage Paris office

Work around the world

With the 10-week work-away option, colleagues can travel to over 40 countries without sacrificing time off. As an international workforce, this gives people the opportunity to return to their home country or just visit somewhere on their bucket list.

Connected by our values

Go where you're valued

We’re all innovators

At Sage, everyone is considered an innovator, regardless of their title. To cater to an experimental way of working, the Sage Innovation Academy and Community offers colleagues from all areas of the company with the tools and methodologies to innovate. Colleagues are empowered to grow through:

  • Workshops
  • Global events
  • E-learning tools  
  • Networking
  • Hackathons and conferences

AI-powered career growth

With Talent Marketplace, colleagues don’t have to go to grow. The platform connects colleagues with development opportunities and creates career goal roadmaps. 

Using Talent Marketplace

Learn how career growth is put back in the hands of colleagues.

Pick your path

Choose your career goals, even if where you want to go isn’t a typical path, then let artificial intelligence customise how to get there. 

Meet mentors

Shop for mentors or become one yourself. Browse profiles from leaders around the world, or let colleagues come to you. 

Expand skills 

With the gigs feature, anyone in the company can ask for a lending hand with projects. See a skill you want to learn? Express your interest!

Get noticed 

Build your profile showcasing who you are and where you want to go, then let leaders and recruiters find you with internal opportunities.

More ways to grow

In order to achieve extraordinary teams, we’ve invested in multiple avenues that cater to a high performance culture. Here are a few of our most popular learning resources used by colleagues with a range of skillsets.

Sage Learning

Internal library packed with resources to help you up-skill and thrive at Sage.

LinkedIn Learning

On-demand curated courses at your fingertips from external experts. 


A technology skills learning platform popular with product and tech teams.


Software stocked with tools to improve the sales enablement lifecycle.

Create a better tomorrow

Being a part of Sage means being given resources to create a future you feel good about, not only for yourself professionally, but for our customers and the people in your community too.

5 days paid to volunteer

Starting on day one with Sage, colleagues can give back to causes they care about. Since 2015, Sage Foundation has paid it forward with nearly 150,000 volunteer days and $4 million donated.

Agents of change

Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. Our Sustainability and Society Strategy is ambitious in breaking down barriers to success, focusing on caring for our planet, communities and colleagues, because the world can’t wait. 

Glassdoor reviews

Insight about what it’s like to work at Sage from anonymous reviews.
A stellar experience worth celebrating! Sage has a positive reputation in the industry and among its employees, this indicates a track record of success and commitment to ethical practices.”

Principal Support Analyst
20+ years with Sage, located in Johannesburg, SA
Positive and forward thinking: The environment is one that encourages you to work outside your comfort zone, but in such a way that allows you to improve your skillset effectively.”

Sales Development Representative
2+ years with Sage, located in Winnersh, UK
The best place to work: Sage is an inclusive, intercultural, and international company that I feel proud of working in.”

Marketing Manager
20+ years with Sage, located in Barcelona, ES
Great people, awesome onboarding: I recently onboarded to Sage and have to say it was the easiest and most comprehensive experience I’ve ever had. Everyone goes out of their way to ensure that I have what I need and that we all know how the company works and what our values are. Great so far!!”

Salesforce Effectiveness Trainer
1+ years with Sage, located in Austin, Texas - USA
Great opportunities to learn and grow: Great opportunities to learn and share skills - Sage values are key for human-centricity and challenge colleagues potential to grow - Dynamic leaders with a growth mindset - Get to work with amazing colleagues across the globe daily - Given the size of the company there are a number of career opportunities within the business.”

Innovation Director
20+ years with Sage, located in Durban, SA
Fantastic company - amazing culture: Sage has got to be the most family-oriented company I have ever worked for. Very supportive on all fronts - fantastic and very supportive management, great pay and amazing bonus structure, team culture is brilliant, and room for growth and expand on career.”

Practice Success Manager
9+ years with Sage, located in Newcastle, UK

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