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Track and manage your assets with our fixed asset software

Every business needs a reliable system to manage company assets and depreciation. With Sage fixed asset management features and functionality, you can improve resource management and increase your company's turnover.  

The benefits of fixed asset management software

Track assets and asset depreciation with Sage fixed asset management functionality. Simply create a data record for each business asset, and the lifecycle of each asset is then carefully managed, tracked and documented for easy reporting.

Automation & tracking

Automating your fixed asset management speeds up processing and ensures accurate calculations. Sage solutions keep records to enable year-on-year comparisons, from one scope to the next.



Finance law regularly introduces new provisions for the taxation of assets. Using solutions with dedicated functionality to manage assets and depreciation enables compliance with legal frameworks.



As a leading global provider of financial and business management solutions, all data, including your fixed asset information, is backed-up and fully secure.*

Asset valuation

Assess the value of your assets and their applicable taxation. If you already use a Sage solution, the entries calculating depreciation will automatically transfer over to your accounts.



* Backup services applies to Sage cloud-based solutions only

Efficient and up-to-date Sage fixed asset management


For over twenty years, Sage has been developing solutions for fixed asset management, depreciation management and asset management. Our renowned software supports tangible and intangible assets and incorporates current depreciation methods used across the main countries of Europe, North America and North Africa. The scope of the solutions portfolio by Sage enables us to support all types of business.


Tax and accounting standards are constantly evolving. Sage regularly updates its solutions, including all asset management, fixed asset management and depreciation management functionality, so our customers don't have to worry about legislative changes and compliance updates.

Key functions of a Sage asset and depreciation management solution

Comprehensive management of assets from acquisition to retirement

Calculates depreciation, integrating the legal provisions for deductions and optimisation

Generates dashboards based on parameters that you set

Controls tracking indicators

Produces an inventory of your assets in real time

Offers the option to evaluate and simulate the financial impact of asset disposal

Sage fixed asset management solutions

Sage Business Cloud

Sage X3

Sage X3 allows you to take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales.

Sage X3's fixed asset module* enables you to effectively and efficiently track your organisation's fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Complete fixed asset lifecycle management with traceability to capital expenditures 
  • Workflow from purchasing to asset capitalisation simplifies asset setup
  • Numerous depreciation models including production based method
  • Fixed asset physical inventory and financing
  • Individual and mass asset transfer and disposal processes 
  • Accounting for construction in progress assets
  • Depreciation details by asset with drill-down to general ledger
Learn more about Sage X3
Sage Business Cloud


Sage Intacct is the leader in cloud accounting and financial management software.

Sage Intacct's Fixed Assets module merges fixed asset and core accounting functions in a complete, flexible, automated system. 

  • Full control : Centrally manage and safeguard your business’s fixed assets with easier tracking and reporting
  • Real-time analysis : Track asset information including condition, warranty, dates serviced and insurance status from acquisition to disposal and know the status of every asset in real-time
  • Track accounting and tax depreciation : Easily maintain separate tax and accounting books and automatically record different depreciation methods for asset categories
  • Complete visibility : Improve decision-making with dimensional visibility into your business
Learn more about Sage Intacct
Sage 200


Sage 200, part of Sage Business Cloud, empowers you to manage your business and propel your growth to the next level. 

Record, manage and track your tangible long-term assets with Sage 200 Professional's fixed asset module. 

  • Easily create, amend, and depreciate assets 
  • Track all your assets in one single system of record 
  • Gather the value of all your assets in one detailed, centralised report 
  • Never miscalculate depreciation with a full audit trail 
  • Import assets from Excel
Learn more about Sage 200

* Fixed assets cannot be purchased as a standalone product for X3

Sage supports you in managing your business

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