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Purchase order software

Cut invoice-to-payment time 50% and eliminate hundreds of hours of tedious transactional data entry, with Sage Intacct purchase order software.

Header Q-See Corporation (VEN-000034) Vendor Notes £52,800.00 Vendor ID balance: Print Duplicate Done More actions AP Purchase Invoice Date State Bill number When modified 06/06/2024 VEN-000034 – Q-See Corporation Posted 06/06/2024 16:40:07 Vendor 1-5 Elm Park, Leeds, LE5 2JR United Kingdom
 [email protected] Q-See Corporation (VEN-000034) Pay to Reference number Unit 5, Building 8, Citywest Avenue, Newcastle, NE8 1SP 
 [email protected] Q-See Corporation (VEN-000034) Return to Description Bill date 06/06/2024 Due date 07/07/2024 Overdue 0 days Bill total £52,200.00 Amount paid £0.00 Amount due £52,200.00

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Purchasing Data Tasks Reports Vendors Create a purchse requisition Approve purchasing transactions Split/Merge transactions Print email transactions Return a shipment Create a purchse order Receive a shipment Create a vendor invoice Warehouses Product lines Items Price lists Standard reports My reports

Streamline the procurement cycle

This is purchase order (PO) software, perfected. As part of Sage Intacct Accounting, our PO software gives you visibility and efficiency throughout your entire procure-to-pay workflow.

  • Create structured, predefined transaction and purchase approval workflows.

  • Increase purchasing speed, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Includes a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools for in-depth analysis.

  • Monitor budget vs. actuals, analyse costs and gain visibility into your entire procure-to-pay cycle. saves 50+ hours per month on revenue recognition, AP and reporting, and shortened their monthly close by 60% with Sage Intacct. Read case study

Faster, smarter purchasing

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based purchase order software automates your unique workflows and accelerates purchase requisitions, purchase orders and approvals.

  • Connects with accounts payable, cash management and inventory – no duplicate data entry.

  • Drag-and-drop files for simpler record keeping and instant access to supporting documents.

Bay County Medical Care Facility reduced spending up to 7% through better purchasing visibility and accountability with Sage Intacct. Read case study.

Show Spend Insight Purchase Requisition Submit Draft Cancel More actions Transaction date 06/06/2024 Due date 07/07/2024 Item totals 9,135.00 Subtotals 0.00 Transaction total 9,135.00 Transaction status -- Date * 06/06/2024 Vendor VEN-000017-Canny Cakes Sarah Smith (CUST-00113) Bill to Sarah Smith (CUST-00113) Ship to Payment terms NET30 76305 Vendor document number Customer Pick Up Ship via Expiration date * 07/07/2024 Attachments 06/06/2024 Discount on Net15 Message Reference
Purchase Requisition Payment terms NET30 76305 Vendor document numver Customer Pick Up Ship via Expiration date * 03/06/2021 Attachments 03/06/2021 Discount on Net15 Message Reference Entries 435.00 9,135.00 Item ID Total 9,135.00 Warehouse Quantity Unit Qty converted Price Extended price Main--Main 21 Each 435 QS1009--Q-See Leeds 1 Spend Insight Close -5,000.00 GL Account Budget Actual This purchase Funds available 35,000.00 0.00 40,000.00 Q230-Promotion-Advertising 1

See the entire purchase management process

Sage Intacct purchase order management software gives your team easy access to critical information. With real-time information at a glance, Sage Intacct's PO system lets your team focus on making the right purchase decisions.

  • Get customisable, role-based purchasing dashboards.

  • Quickly track budget performance, compare purchase quotes, see price breaks, and more.

Osprey gained six weeks of advance visibility into purchase orders, improving cash flow management. Read case study.

Sage Intacct puts you in control

Take complete control of your entire procure-to-pay process. With Sage Intacct's cloud-based purchase order system, you leverage best-practice purchase order templates that enforce your thoughtful PO processes throughout your business.

  • Stay in control of processes for POs, purchase requisitions, quotes, orders, returns, and more.
  • Use tailored workflows and approval processes to ensure everyone adheres to your organisation’s unique requirements.
  • Set spending limits to maintain budget compliance with spend management.

Resources for purchase order software

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Renee Boyle

Chief Financial Officer, Dinges Fire Company

"The Sage Intacct order entry process, and the dropship automation has saved us thousands of hours in a month, eliminating duplication of efforts. With Sage Intacct there's no risk of human error by entering different information on the sales order and purchase orders."

Purchase order software FAQs

Our cloud-based purchase order system streamlines the procurement process with workflows that move purchases from requisition to purchase order to shipper to vendor invoice without re-keying data.

  • Approvals follow automated processes so finance doesn’t have to track down managers.
  • Electronic payments eliminate a number of time-draining tasks.
  • Replenishment tools speed up direct spend activities for product-based companies.
Purchasing is our purchase order management software. Purchasing captures items and quantities, while Accounts Payable works with accounts and amounts. While certain purchasing transactions, such as vendor invoices and returns flow into Accounts Payable, other transactions provide visibility and tracking throughout your procurement process. Tracking item and quantity also allows for immediate transparency into what was ordered.
We have a number of payment service integrations. You can find a list of technology partners at You can also create custom integrations using Sage Intacct Web Services APIs.

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