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Sage Intacct project accounting software

Manage costs and revenue, keep projects on time, and maintain profitability with project accounting software to manage all your project financials.

Profit & Loss - by Project Business Consulting Technical Consulting Project Fee Revenue by Service Items CFO Daily View Billed Revenue £3,385,243 Expenses £2,081,509 Net Income £1,287,290 EBITDA £1,287,290 Rev per Billable Hour £187 Rev per Billable Employee £34,899 Utilization 97% Realization 99%

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Automation and productivity highlights

Customise project accounting to fit the needs of your business.
Base new project bids on better data to improve profit margins.
Streamline project management and project billing processes.
Make it easy for your team to get information and provide great service.

Accounting built for your projects

Automate project accounting for your project-based business with accounting software for project management.

  • Get total visibility of costs, time and expenses
  • Manage resources, billing – even revenue recognition
  • Generate deep insights that keep projects on track and helps grow profits

International Living Future Institute scales complex operations with true project account. Read the case study

On-track, on-time, on-target

Automate project management, time-tracking, full-featured costing and resource management, project billing, and revenue recognition.

  • Track expenses by projects, budget to actual, and more within projects
  • Identify unbilled R&D costs
  • Run billable services projects for clients

European Paving Designs managed 400% growth over 5 years while keeping finance overhead flat with Sage Intacct's project accounting software. Read the case study

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(1-9 of 9) Resource Schedule View All Manage views Advanced filters Clear all filters Project ID Poject name Customer Item ID Plan begin date Plan end date Actual begin date Task ID 1060 33Across Task 3 - Engineering system build for 33A 310 26/06/2023 11/08/2023 26/06/2023 AVK001 Intell Audit Software engineering system technology co 320 31/05/2023 26/07/2023 31/05/2023 Holiday Day after Christmas 23/12/2023 23/12/2023 Holiday Christmas eve Friday 23/12/2023 23/12/2023 Holiday Day after Thanksgiving 25/11/2023 25/11/2023 Holiday Thanksgiving 24/11/2023 24/11/2023

Smarter resource management

Find the right resource, with the right skills and availability to start projects fast and simplify project billing workflows across operations with project financial management software.

  • Easily identify who’s over-scheduled and who’s on the bench
  • Get accurate insight into team utilisation and efficiency
  • Gain full visibility of which projects and client types are most profitable for you

Red Door Interactive reduced AP processing time by 83% and saved 55+ hours on monthly workflows and reporting by switching switched its financial system. Read the case study

Streamlined revenue recognition

Sage Intacct's project management accounting modules improve financial accuracy by generating invoices in the right format, with right terms, amounts and data you need.

  • Generate invoices with a variety of fixed price and T&M methods
  • Separate revenue recognition from billing with ease
  • Automatically calculate and post based on milestones, schedules or percentage completion

Clinical Trial and Consulting saved 30 hours per month managing the close during rapid expansion with Sage Intacct's robust accounting capabilities. Read the case study

Add Done Export Billing Templates All Manage views Include inactive Advanced filters Clear all filters (1-6 of 6) Template ID Template description Billing method Calculate on 120 Task Observed Percent Complete Driven Billing Percent Completed Task Not owned View Edit 200 percent complete project by steps Percent completed Project Delete View Edit 100 Observed Percent Complete Driven Billing Percent completed Project Not owned View 110 Milestone Percent Complete Observed at Task Milestone Task Not owned View

Better answers, better ideas

Sage Intacct keeps you up to date with role-specific reports and dashboards. Give clients and colleagues answers about current statuses, milestones and invoicing, and generate insights on revenue, costs, per cent completion, budget to actual and utilisation to improve profit margins.

RIVR Media relies on Sage Intacct to save $100,000 annually in reduced manual work and IT support. Read the case study

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Tom Bland

CFO, International Living Future Institute

Before we had Sage Intacct in place, we had no way to do true project accounting. We spent hours every month manually looking at time clock data to check hours spent on different grant deliverables or consulting projects. With Sage Intacct’s robust project accounting capabilities, our employees' time is tracked right in the system, and we easily capture all the activity detail we need for project and program reporting.

Project accounting software FAQs

Project accounting software is like accounting software for project management. Project accounting focuses on financial transactions including costs, revenue and billing, as they relate to project management. This allows financial tasks to be attributed to specific projects so that their progress and success can easily be reported.

Project accounting software like what is offered at Sage Intacct allows you to see all your time, expense and project-based accounting data – financial and non-financial – in one place.

Your business needs project accounting because it allows you to see all of your time, expense and project-based accounting data in one place, whether financial and non-financial. Project accounting software allows you to focus on financial transactions including costs, revenue and billing, as they relate to project management. This allows financial tasks to be attributed to specific projects so that their progress and success can easily be reported.

Sage Intacct’s cloud project accounting lets you accurately track and manage a project’s time, resources, revenue and costs. This software automates project accounting processes and provides financial insights that help you keep projects on task and within budget.

Project-specific dashboards and reports offer up-to-the-minute financial, operational and managerial information so that stakeholders always know the status of projects’ completion and profitability.

By giving you the data you need to make smarter bids, and by streamlining your project management and billing processes, Sage Intacct’s project accounting functionality can help you improve your company’s profit margins. Plus, your team will have an easy way to get the information they need to respond quickly to clients’ enquiries and provide exceptional customer service.

Here are the biggest automation and productivity highlights for using project accounting software:

  • Customise project accounting: Fit project capabilities to the needs of your business
  • Improve profit margins: Base new project bids on better data
  • Lower costs: Streamline project management and project billing processes
  • Keep clients happy: Make it easy for your team to get information and provide great service

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