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Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct

Get up and running quickly and gain visibility and control of your operational and financial processes when you use Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct. Eliminate the noise, automate, and streamline processes to help your teams from the shop floor to the back office get more done, all without adding complexity. 

Sales Dashboard £18,215 YTD sales £281.56 MTD sales 12 New customers Sales process Customer Sales order Sales shipment Sales invoice Sales return receipt Sales credit memo Order to deliver 20 200 £10,000 22/03/2021 Pending 210 £96,100 22/03/2022 Pending Shipment to invoice 15 SH202109003 £50 30/09/2021 Not invoiced SH202109003 £138 30/09/2022 Not invoiced

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Optimise your operations with manufacturing and distribution ERP software

Combining the latest cloud technologies and decades of industry experience, along with customer and partner input, Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct gives you the right balance of flexibility and control, positioning you to optimise workflows and processes for better business outcomes.

Scale growth

Harness the power of cloud native software that evolves with your business, supporting growth and adaptability.

Reduce cost of goods sold

Simplify and automate your operations, saving time and effort while optimising efficiency for maximum productivity.

Real-time insights on one platform

Spot opportunities and make decisions quicker, while providing valuable insights to your internal and external stakeholders.

Anytime, anywhere productivity

Stay connected on the go with secure access, enabling you to manage your operations anytime, anywhere.

Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct: Key software features

Sales As of today All locations CFO Dashboard Assets £14,441K Revenue £74,472 Expenses £277,475 Net Income £435,118 +45,512 vs. prior month Cash Flow Detail by Entity Manchester 03/05/2022 London 03/05/2022 Operations Net income 331,687.23 98,476.89 Changes in Cash from Operating Activities Accounts (386,000.00) (97,607.00) Items not requiring cash Total Operations for Cash Flow 0.00 0.00 331,687.23 98,476.89 Net Income by Location London Birmingham Reading Manchester 0 80k 160k 240k 300k

Connect all operations from accounting to the warehouse with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Core Financials enables distribution and manufacturing companies worldwide to gain new levels of agility and resilience with cloud-native, streamlined financial management.

  • Cut complexity and bring ease to integrations and day-to-day functionality across your company from accounting to the warehouse.
  • Automate accounts payable/accounts receivables and optimise cash management, order processing, and purchasing workflows.
  • Gain deep, real-time financial and operational insights with configurable dashboards and unique, user-defined dimensional reporting capabilities. 
  • Utilise the exclusive Intelligent GL for anomaly detection and audit efficiency.

Unlock secrets from top CFOs

Discover the strategies and best practices top financial leaders use to be more strategic and impactful in leading their organisations.

Profitably manage your production

See where you can reduce costs and efficiently manage the design, make, and assemble functions of the production process.

  • Keep orders moving with flexibility in components used in work orders and in transactions, whether backflushing or manually issuing.
  • Track routing and costs for real-time visibility throughout manufacturing and assembly.
  • Get visibility into production resources, including machines, inventory, and labour. 
  • Digitise your work order calendar for anywhere access and immediate changes. 
  • Streamline processes and use a single MRP run to recommend purchasing or manufacturing needs by analysing all levels of a BOM.
Work orders September 2023 27 3 10 17 24 28 4 WO23OO26 WO23OO27 WO23OO28 61 Series ... 61 Series - Assembly 61 Series 11 18 25 29 5 12 19 26 30 6 13 20 27 31 7 14 21 28 1 8 15 22 29 2 9 16 23 30 Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat See plans & pricing Tertiary All
Sales Dashboard £18,215 YTD sales £281.56 MTD sales 12 New customers Sales process Customer Sales order Sales shipment Sales invoice Sales return receipt Sales credit memo Order to deliver 20 200 £10,000 22/03/2021 Pending 210 £96,100 22/03/2022 Pending Shipment to invoice 15 SH202109003 £50 30/09/2021 Not invoiced SH202109003 £138 30/09/2022 Not invoiced

Sell and distribute

Enable users to take control of the entire order process with embedded guidance and single screen task completion.

  • Manage items with sales attributes, customer-specific rules, and pricing.
  • Streamline customer management and handle orders, invoice, stock issues, and credit memos easily.
  • See each step of the order through delivery, adjusting if needed to prevent problems later in the process.
  • Gain real-time visibility into orders, invoices, and shipments.

Improve inventory accuracy

Satisfy customer demand and avoid delays and expedited shipping costs with real-time data. Improve inventory accuracy from order to delivery and seamlessly manage and maintain inventory across the entire lifecycle, with real-time updates and anywhere accessibility.

  • Plan and manage inventory location and availability in real time.
  • Track inventory movement across multiple warehouses and manufacturing sites on any device.
  • Optimise inventory costs and accuracy, meet customer needs, and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Easily create your own dashboards and track what is important to you.
£281.56 MTD sales 12 New customers Shipment to invoice 15 SH202109003 £50 30/09/2021 Not invoiced SH202109003 £138 30/09/2022 Not invoiced Widgets Search... Dashboard Editor Add + Quantity produced percentage Add + Return reason analysis Add + Sage lntacct Manufacturing Add + Sales process Add + Shipments to invoice Add + System version Add + Work order delay Add + YTD sales

Streamline procurement

Streamline internal communications by ordering materials from suppliers and vendors through an intuitive, guided, and flexible process. Get everyone on the same page and improve collaboration with suppliers and internal teams when you automate processes and have one central place for valuable information.

  • Improve cycle times and remove complexity with streamlined and automated workflows.
  • Improve supplier relationships by automating the analysis of supplier requirements allowing you to make a strategic decision on what to buy and when
  • Pay and get paid on time by sending invoices and credit notes in just a few clicks.
  • Manage purchase requests and supplier returns.

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Explore the latest research, guides, and webinars on manufacturing and distribution.

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Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct


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Manufacturing and distribution software FAQs

Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct is a multi-tenant, cloud-native ERP solution purpose built for small to mid-sized distributors and discrete manufacturers. It is designed to enable and accelerate their digital transformation from efficiency-oriented operations to resilient organisations.

With a cloud-native platform built for integrations and scalability, your company gains the flexibility to adapt to customer and market needs swiftly. Your operations leader feels relief, knowing the data-backed collaboration with customers and suppliers creates win-win situations that can be easily adjusted. Your financial leader can focus on analysing data rather than collecting it, positioning your company to seize opportunities when they arise.

Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct Management offers robust features to enhance supply chain visibility and collaboration. The cloud-native platform provides real-time access to critical data, enabling better coordination with suppliers, vendors, and customers. With streamlined workflows and automated processes, your supply chain becomes more agile, enabling you to respond quickly to market demands and ensure seamless collaboration throughout the supply chain network.

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