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Upgrade to the latest version of Sage 100

To help support our commitment to provide software that is secure and stable, we are continually enhancing Sage 100 to meet your business needs. Learn more about how an upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

Protect your business from known security risks

Over 60% of all small and medium-sized businesses have reported at least one cyber-attack during the previous year.1 One of the best ways to ensure you are not at risk is to stay on the latest software version.

Required online communication security enhancements to help protect your Sage 100 software.

Why is this happening?

Due to security risks, Sage servers will stop accepting communication from products using TLS 1.0 or 1.1. This means subscription customers will be required to be on a version that utilizes TLS 1.2. For Sage 100 this means 2019.4, 2020.1 or more current versions. If your software isn't upgraded or updated by September 2023, Sage 100 will only be accessed in read-only mode.

How do I know if I will be impacted?

If you are not using Sage 100 versions 2019.4, 2020.1 or newer, you will be impacted.

What actions should I take?

Contact your Sage business partner to discuss product upgrade or update options.

If you don’t have a business partner, contact Sage Expert Services for assistance - [email protected]  

Microsoft® is phasing out support of Basic Authentication for online email services beginning October 1, 2022.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft is making improvements to better protect customer data and reduce the risks associated with outdated and often-breached password standards.

How will I know if I am impacted?

Microsoft has delayed plans to block login methods used by Sage 100, but the risk associated with the use of Basic Authentication continues to increase.

What actions should I take?

Upgrade to a version that supports Modern Authentication or Open Authentication (OAuth), whether done through a product update or a version upgrade. 

Contact your Sage business partner to discuss product upgrade or update options.

If you don’t have a business partner, contact Sage Expert Services for assistance - [email protected]

We can help you upgrade today

To get the latest features and power of Sage 100, it's important to keep your software up to date. Sage 100 2022 is now available to download from the Sage Knowledgebase.

To upgrade your software, please contact your Sage business partner.

Product updates

Sage 100 continues to evolve to meet changing market requirements. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or service industry—Sage 100 is the comprehensive business management solution, designed to help you grow in current market conditions and beyond.

There has never been a better time to upgrade.


This version contains program fixes. See the 2022.2 release notes for a complete list.

Sage 100 Payroll 2.22.3

  • Reset deduction goal at year-end for all deduction types.
  • Add year-to-date Earnings Hours to the crystal check printing work-file.
  • New deduction calculation method for garnishments.

See the Payroll 2.22.3 release notes.

Inventory requirements planning compatibility with Sage Production Management

The Inventory requirements planning (IRP) module is now compatible with Sage 100 version 2022.0 of Production Management.  As of this release (2022.1), the updated version of IRP will be automatically installed when you upgrade to 2022.1 (or Product Update (PU) 1).

Maintain Projected Demands screen

Important Note: IRP is automatically registered if Production Management is registered, so you do not need a new license key.

Sage Production Management

Sage Production Management brings the features of Work Order into a modern technology stack, now managed by Sage. It introduces primary and secondary data entry grids, batch data entry, user defined fields and tables, custom scripting, and a host of other features that are enjoyed by the latest generation of modules for Sage 100.
Production Management Work Ticket Management Enter Work Ticket Print Work Ticket Open Work Ticket Work Ticket Picking Sheet Work Ticket WIP Item Dispatch Sheet Transaction Detail Purchase Order Operation Ticket Work Ticket History Sales Order Materials Where-Used Reports Inquiries Templates Bills Items Enter Work Ticket Transactions Post Transactions Enter Labor for Employee/Crew Post Labor Entries Complete Work Ticket Close Work Ticket Use this processs flow to enter a work ticket, post material sources and labor entries, and then complete and close the work ticket. Other tasks include printing forms and reports and viewing inquiries

This release also offers over a dozen new features designed to help minimize repetitive and manual processes.

Dynamic Materials and Dynamic Labor Materials

These features can now be readily enabled giving you the ability to control how materials or labor are recorded to a work ticket. Saving time and ensuring accuracy for unique order entries. Available for subscription customers only.

Work Ticket Entry

Work ticket memos, work ticket history memos and work ticket step history memos have been added with the convenience to search and navigate with embedded links. The creation of a work ticket has also been simplified with the ability to view all steps on one screen.

Labor Entry

Conveniently track employee hours and enjoy the ease of having full visibility into all work tickets. Managing payroll has also been simplified with your ability to retrieve employee work hours from Sage Production Management. Helping to reduce errors and ensure business continuity, with a workflow similar to Time Track.

Visual Process Flows

Experience the convenience and guidance offered from three new fully customizable Visual Process Flows.

  • Work Ticket Management—Allows you to enter a work ticket, post material issues and labor entries, and then complete and close the work ticket. Other tasks include printing forms and reports and viewing inquiries. 
  • Complete Work Ticket—Finalize a work ticket, print reports, and work ticket labels, and view Work Ticket History Inquiry. 
  • Close Work Ticket—After a close transaction is updated for a work ticket, you can easily print reports, ledgers, and work order labels.

Sales Order and Quote History Inquiry

Move beyond prior limitations with the ability to view the order type, ship date for standard orders and back orders, and the expire date for quotes. 


Save Date Selections for Reports

Minimize repetition with the ability to save the date entered when creating or modifying a new report setting.  


Display All Sales Order Types in Item Maintenance/ Inquiry

Gain insight into all order types with the check of a box. Including quotes, master orders, and repeating orders.


Search for Quotes in Customer Maintenance

Locate outstanding quotes with ease, with the ability to view all open orders for a customer or a given type of order / quote, without running a separate report. 

Additional Feature Upgrades

  • Advanced Lookup Engine (ALE) lookups
  • Search for quotes in customer maintenance
  • Hot fixes no longer require administrator privileges
  • Visual process flows editor update
  • 64-bit operating system addition
  • Office 365 to Microsoft 365
  • New public favorites group
  • Inventory image file types expanded
  • History options default to 5 years

With this version of Sage 100, you will gain over 26 new features

With this version of Sage 100, you will gain over 26 new features, including: 

  • Simplified role security
  • Improved form and reports maintenance
  • Customization and import logging improvements
  • Technical compliance updates
  • Numerous usability improvements

Enhanced Security

Prove System and Organization Control (SOC) compliance with enhancements to Role Maintenance. Allowing you to quickly assign and remove users to roles, apply changes to multiple roles, along with enhanced search and filtering capabilities to find tasks and security options more easily.  


Improved Record Keeping Capabilities

Customers who send orders, invoices, and other business documents through Sage 100 now have a detailed log to help them confirm these emails are sent without any issues. PDFs, Word docs, JPEGs, and other file types are now supported. 

Expanded Email Options

Auth to authenticate SMTP email requests is now supported. Permitting two-step authentication. 


Modernization and expanded global capabilities with 16 enhancements

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) encryption

Comply with consumer privacy laws that require you to delete or deidentify PII. 


Reverse an entire accounts payable (AP) check run

Automate your ability to reverse a check run when errors have been identified, avoiding manual labor and helping you to avoid additional missteps. 


Lot / Serial expiration and traceability

Expiration dates can be added for items with lot or serial numbers when items are received into inventory or produced through Bill of Materials. Expiration dates can be manually entered, or you can enter settings to automatically calculate them. You can also calculate sell-by, use-by, and return dates to determine how many days before or after an item's expiration date it can be distributed.


  • Multiple POs on one receipt/invoice/return
  • eInvoice Payments with Paya Connect
  • Custom Office improvements in grid customizations
  • International addresses support
  • Field expansions (names, various numbers)
  • Deferred revenue WIP updates in Job Cost
  • Microsoft Azure connectivity API improvements

Comprehensive upgrade with over 30 enhancements

Automated bank feeds and reconciliation

Cleared bank transactions are loaded into bank reconciliation with a single mouse click. The reconciliation grid auto-updates to reflect the status of the imported items based on matching criteria.


Create Document Date Warnings

Avoid inconvenient and time-consuming mishaps with the ability to specify an allowable range of entry dates for key documents, by specifying how many periods in the future or past can be entered.


Enhanced Data File Display and Maintenance

Experience the efficiency of a multi-purpose file analysis and maintenance tool that gives you the ability to examine and edit the contents of one or multiple data fields. 



  • Auto-complete for account numbers
  • Vendor detail in Sage Contact
  • Journal and register viewer access
  • Default expense distribution table in vendor maintenance
  • E-mail reports printed using task scheduler
  • Payroll auto-complete search for employees
  • Customize columns and buttons in Paperless Office
  • Enhanced security and activity logging
  • Sage Production Management (+Shop Floor) and Inventory Requirements Planning
  • Vendor detail in Sage Contact
  • Grad Cap links to Sage University
  • Cc and Bcc options in Paperless Office 

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