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Multi-currency accounting software for Mac and Windows

Grow your business globally

Do you have global customers and suppliers? Create invoices, accept payments, transfer funds between bank accounts, and track expenses in multiple currencies. Available with Sage Accounting Standard.

Manage your accounts globally with ease

1. Turn on transactions

Enable foreign currency transactions in a single click.

2. Select your currency

Choose the currency your customers and suppliers do business in.

3. Get started

Manage your finances in multiple currencies for all your accounting admin needs.

Choose a currency with one click

Manage your international contacts that work with different currencies easily with multi-currency accounting software. Simply select the currency of choice to get started.

Manage quotes and payments in multiple currencies

Add bank accounts, import bank transactions, accept payments, and track expenses, using the right currency for the job.

Stay up to date with exchange rates automatically

Turn on live exchange rates to always get accurate information that will automatically update when rates change.

Record gains and losses as exchange rates change

Stay up to date with the impact exchange rates have on your cash flow and profits by tracking gains and losses.

Get a central view of bank accounts

Improve visibility and stay organized with a clear view of all bank accounts for countries you do business in with our multi-currency option.

Global business expansion made easy

Enable foreign currency transactions and switch easily between currencies for different clients. Manage your admin easily and reach new international markets.

Plans and pricing for Sage Accounting with multi-currency

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More information on multi-currency accounting

Multi-currency simply means that you're using more than one currency. If you're selling services or products to customers abroad, multi-currency accounting software gives you an easy way to manage payments from one place, toggling between currencies at the click of a button.

As part of Sage Accounting, you’ll be able to manage your payments, bank accounts, and invoices across multiple countries. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Create invoices and accept payments in multiple currencies
  • Get a central view of all bank accounts for countries you trade in
  • Stay in tune with the impact the currency exchange has on your cash flow and profits by tracking gains and losses
  • Get accurate exchange rates with the ability to adjust rates for specific dates
  • Reconcile foreign currency transactions
  • Easily toggle between local and foreign currency transactions

Yes. With Sage Accounting you can easily manage your business across multiple countries with our multi-currency option. It gives you the flexibility to trade in the currency of your choice, ensure that information is accurately shown, and view the base value of accounts in reports to minimize incurring currency exchange fees, simplify payments, and save time. Find out which currencies you can use.

Accounting software that enables doing business in multiple currencies is a multi-currency system. The best multi-currency software enables you to view live exchange rates, manage payments in different currencies, and get a central view of all your bank accounts for easier accounting.

If you're managing business abroad then you're likely transacting in many different currencies. Sage Accounting has multi-currency functionality that makes this simple, giving you a single view of all your bank accounts no matter where they're based.

Multi-currency invoicing and banking are only available on Sage Accounting. Find out more about the Plus tier.

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3. Offer valid for new customers only of AutoEntry. Discounted subscription rate is for the first three (3) months, after which the monthly subscription rate will renew at the then-current rate. A valid credit card is required to activate your AutoEntry subscription. A paid AutoEntry subscription is required for continued use of your AutoEntry online account. To ensure continuous service your subscription plan is an automatically renewing plan. Subsequent months will automatically be billed to the same credit card each month on your anniversary date of purchase. You may terminate the plan at any time prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal.

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